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SOOOO ... you thought you lived in a democracy ???

one only has to wonder why hillary C. kept her mouth shut and stayed silently behind the scenes of billy all these years ... you will clearly understand it is her personal quest to become president ... when president john kennedy left for dallas that day ... he had 2 bills on his desk unsigned ... one was to eliminate the CIA ... the other was to cancel the Federal Reserve charter and revert to real US dollars issued by congress ... he never returned alive from dallas ... there is serious evidence emerging now that bill clinton is is the illegitimate son of nelson rockefeller and his cozy trip to become a "Rhodes Scholar" was part of the education process planned for his role in life to abscond with your future ... co-founder of the federal reserve ... there are already people who state this is true ... are you starting to understand what is going on here ??? oh ... and one last little note ... when john f. kennedy junior announced he would run for US senator from new york and hillary had already set her sights on that post as her next spot on her quest to become pres ... and the analysts reported that it was expected to be one of the worst political defeats in the  history of politics (with hillary on the bottom end of the stick) ... we all know what happened to jfk junior ... WAIT FOR THE FOLLOWING BOOK COVER AND REAR COVER TO LOAD ... FIND THIS BOOK AND READ IT !!! jim mccanney




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