new name for CIA ... Crime International Assassins

or how about ... Chaos Insidious Anarchy

privately called "the company" by its "employees" 

until you wake up and completely destroy the CIA and their war masters the European Bankers and the war industry that has grown up around the central government of the USA you will not have any semblance of peace or tranquility ... john f. kennedy was in the process of doing this when they blew his head off in a public display in dallas texas ... and in true CIA form ... blamed it on a patsy arab ... 

the following is the initial installment of a new sub-page ... read here and follow soon as i will be moving this and ongoing updates to become one of my many sub-pages  

CIA 101 - an intro to mayhem and deceipt - just a little history ... who is the CIA and what rock did they crawl out from under ??? the CIA started after WWII and its core intelligence came from Nazi German SS agents who developed and perfected some of the techniques used today in foreign information gathering - torture - espionage etc etc etc ... all the wonderful things deemed necessary for your protection ... the only thing was ... they were ... as they are now ... the police force of the world bankers ... the "wild bill donovans" and the "Dulles Brothers" were just poster child faces necessary to give it that good ole american apple pie flavor ... their greed made them wealthy and fostered the bourgeoning weapons trade industry which was necessary to keep the "balance of power" during the 50 years "cold war" that kept the US on needles and pins while Henry Kissinger ran washington DC from israel and kept the russians investing everything down to the last egg until reagan finally broke them economically with his star wars program that also broke the USA (but oh well we can print money remember ... with every printed "dollar" placed in the debt column of loans that originate from guess who ??? the world bankers)... driving the USA and its citizens into a black hole of debt that they could never repay not the least of which is the 911 initiated eternal war on "terror" ... all orchestrated by the CIA ... all based on phony money ... the reality is that the CIA has always been the police force of the world bankers and associated with the Rothschild pact that created the modern state of Israel as a haven for Jews (a pact that we now know was central to getting the US involved in WWII) ... with that slice of Mediterranean real estate as the booty ... the associations and its deception run deep in the control of the new york banking "industry" and the Federal Reserve that has gutted what was once the prosperous nation called the USA ... as well as the revolving doors that feed the white house staff ... the department of defense ... the world bank ... the UN (yep the good ole united nations) ... the defense industry ... the new york banks and money exchanges ... hollywood ... there is not enough space on this page to list them all ... chaos is their game ... like they say ... "by deceit we will wage war" ... this sub-page is dedicated to the men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving the european bankers ... the masters of war ... ravaging every foreign country for natural resources and political control ... and now against their charter ... treating the USA where they are based as just another third world country to plunder and debase ... they are the police force of the european bankers ... read on about their daily activities ... things you will never hear or see on the joooze smoooze noooze ... jim mccanney 

02/19/2016 Picture of the Day - strange bed fellows ??? OR ... the Who's Who of Justice Scalia's death

As reported by Michael Savage and other news sources ... this picture emerged (i can see why they want to shut down the internet !!! they cannot escape the hidden truth !!!) ... being honored by Obama none other than John Poindexter not only owner of the ranch where Justice Scalia was ... "died" ... it was John P himself who "discovered the body" in repose on a bed ... additionally John P is a large donor to Obama ... now get this ... the Marshall who announced the Justice dead "with no foul play" was a Federal Marshall who convinced a judge to send Scalia off for embalming with no autopsy ... you got it ... the Marshall was appointed by Obama ... Scalia was blocking 2 major pieces of Obama legacy legislation ... but also more than that these were UN objectives needed in place before Obama left office ... not the least of which was Obama's "climate legislation" which was nothing more than another UN agenda 2030 enslavement direct from the world bankers ... yes Scalia was a thorn in their side by blocking this especially since they now have to face the fact that a non inner circle boy named Trump could throw a monkey wrench into many planned programs like TPP and past "trade" deals ... Scalia stood between them and success ... remember others like Paul Welstone ... the swing vote in the 1st Iraq War ... BOOOM BOOOM ... no more Paul and WALA clear sailing to war ... just remember all these pres's work for the same boss ... forget elections and political parties ... they all work for the same boss ...and it AIN"T YOU ...  jim mccanney

March 26, 2015 posting ... plane crashes and the CIA ... back in the hey day of the Iran Contra drugs for arms (and major profits for "the company" and persons involved) the CIA depended and a little trick to assist in eliminating unwanted or no longer necessary people that they used like pilots or others in their "line of work" ... they sent them up in an airplane (of which the CIA had many in their phony "insurance" company which provided them with duplicate planes for their private transportation fleet) with the gas gauge fixed to make it look like a full tank ... when in reality there was only enough to get out over a heavily wooded area etc ... then the plane would nose dive guaranteeing all abord would be dead ... 1981 Ecuador President Jaime Roldoz ... 2 months later the president of Panama ... (confirmed from CIA internal files recently divulged under Operation Condor which devastated many latin american countries) ... the list is long and respectable ... of people assassinated by the CIA ... people like Paul Wellstone whose plane was blown into 6 pieces as it approached landing on a calm fall morning ... he was the swing vote on attacking mid east countries after 911 and was not being paid or threatened off ... each air "accident" is accompanied by an equally corrupt "investigation" ... john denver's plane was unquestionably tampered with as it flew out over san diego bay (official report and smear campaign that he was a drunk) ... the plane's designer Burt Rutan made a public statement that the Long Easy could not have done what was described by onlookers as Denver plunged to certain death ... Denver was a very experienced pilot who once had glided 40 miles without motor into the Denver Colorado airport ... that day he could not glide across san diego bay ... he was about the become the first civilian astronaut in the Russian Space Program and promised to write a song in space which would have certainly brought world wide civilian attention to your birth right to the stars ... it seems every time a civilian gets near outer space something explodes ... 3 recent cases ... the Space Industries lift off to supply the space station ... the Virgin Galactic rocket explosion both on the original Space Ship 1 test pad and the more recent in air "accident" where a rocket "malfunctioned" (or was it hit by a mil CIA energy laser???) just seconds after separation from the mother launch vehicle ... but let's not forget the shuttle disaster as a teacher died as the entire nation of kids looked on ... the message ... geeeee kids it sure is dangerous to go into space so don't even think about it ... its only for NASA (a message that literally has been repeated over and over again recently as the owned news media repeats "space is dangerous")  ... the NASA you see is a smoke screen for the real space program in which the CIA is heavily involved ...  a joker named Dan Golden (he does not like me and i do not like him) came to NASA in the 1990s (appointed by none other than ex CIA head George Bush Senior then president) to put the lid on the public view of NASA and to make sure all NASA releases were "coordinated" ... more recently remember the CIA owned GOOGLE putting a billion dollars of its hard earned money (and possibly a pile of illegal CIA laundered drug money) into Space X Corp to secure secret military contracts ... this tale could wander and tie in many many air plane crashes ... missing planes ... squelched space private space program efforts ... sequestered technologies ... dead people ... missing planes like the 3 that just disappeared over malaysia ... and on and on and on ... keep reading below for more ... jim mccanney

March 25, 2015 posting ... "The CIA - In the News" ... the CIA is involved in so much chaos in the world that they need a daily "News" column ... that does not exist in the joooze smoooze noooze media so i am putting one on this page ... the first few installments are noted here ... 

March 25, 2015 posting ... The European Banker owned middle manager Obama cancels planned troop withdrawal from Afghanistan to bolster ongoing protection for the CIA poppy fields so as to not disrupt the flow of CIA heroine to Europe and western markets.

March 25, 2015 posting ... CIA agent arrested in Venezuela attempting to disrupt the local presidential election after attempts to cause riots in the streets fail due to near unanimous support for the Chavez - Maduro party that has given education, medical and other services heretofore unavailable to citizens of that country which is the richest oil bearing country in the world.

March 25, 2015 posting ... CIA agents arrested in foreign country training ISIS troops ... 

March 25, 2015 posting ... CIA linked to 911 Massad attack and subsequent cover-up of the World Trade Center Buildings

 required listening ... was the CIA involved in 911 ??? Rebekah Roth interview on Hagmann & Hagmann Feb 1st 2015      


March 25, 2015 posting ... CIA owned GOOGLE invests $1 Billion US in Space X Corporation giving it 10% control with a seat on the board of directors as Space X settles out of court to allow it to bid on secret military launches "and other activities".

March 25, 2015 posting ... CIA owned GOOGLE purchases high tech space monitoring companies with unprecedented telemetry from outer space and low flying drone technology 

March 25, 2015 posting ... CIA owned GOOGLE purchases Boston Dynamics robotics firm which has developed robotic dogs and large scale "animals" capable of carrying heavy loads (including explosives) and capable of remote "missions" 

March 25, 2015 posting ... i confirmed after investigating many areas of the USA where Chem Trail spraying is prevalent ... the planes spraying are NOT commercial flights which means that the USA is under chemical attack under the full knowledge of the president and air force for which he is commander in chief ... clearly this is a MAJOR operation with many companies involved to supply the infrastructure and chemicals coordinated with air traffic control and air space management  

March 25, 2015 posting ... CIA infiltrates the Ukraine as John Kerry's son takes over Ministry of Natural Resources (oil) in that war stricken country.

March 25, 2015 posting ... the CIA Venture Capital firm In-Q-Tel laundering CIA illegal international drug trade billions to invest in high tech start up companies that are then controlled to monitor the public and move into a position to control the world for their European Banker Bosses.

March 25, 2015 posting ... documents recently released to Ecuador confirm that in 1981 the CIA under "Operation Condor" assassinated the popular elected president Jaime Roldoz Aguilera in a plane crash that also killed his staff ... two months later they murdered the president of Panama (and installed Manuel Noriega to manage the CIA drug running operation in Panama) during the Reagan administration where actually ex CIA head George Bush Sr. was running the white house ... the stated "reason" was for possible Russian leanings ... however the real reason was that Roldoz had removed slavery conditions from the populous but more seriously was moving the petrol industry away from the European Banker control and also was beginning to resist international drug running during the peak of the Bush-Clinton Mena Arkansas Iran Contra drugs for arms (Ecuador stood between Peru and Colombian drug growing and processing centers) ... it was at this time that sweet little Hillary was laundering the millions of daily "payments" through the Rose Law firm and their investments in the S&Ls and other "real estate investments" that failed and cost 10s of thousands of retirees their life savings ... visibility of this eventually led to the CIA moving its landing strip for incoming Central American drug flights (remember CIA trained Norriega? educated at the Langley Va based "School of the Americas" which has created some of the world's top terrorists - assassins and otherwise sick deranged people) from Mena to its new operational landing strip in Waco Texas ... this was Bill Clinton's first effort as president as Hillary orchestrated with Psycho Janet Reno to kill the occupants of the Branch Dividian complex (including women and children) and brand them as lunatic fringe as they had been keeping flight records of the flights in and out of the nearby Waco CIA "airport" ... but excuse me i diverge ... back to ecuador 1981 ... additionally the CIA kidnapped and tortured countless citizens and reverted the local economy to one of devastation and poverty that still is affected today ... if given its natural course of development ecuador would be a highly prosperous nation ... with enough oil industry to allow it to export 

i think you get the idea and this is just one day's worth ... LOTS more where this came from ... unfortunately no one including the so called "big time" daily talk show hosts are covering this central important agenda so i have to waste my web space and divert my time from dealing with science ... the reason the "biggies" radio shows do not touch this topic is because ... doggonnit ... they are owned by the same crowd too !!! ain't life grand ... but wait a minute ... this has EVERYTHING to do with science because it is the same CIA that overtook managerial control of NASA in the 1990s and fired many and put gag orders on everyone to control science and assure you that you would never see the stars ... they are reinvesting their international heroine and cocaine drug money into high tech including efforts to control outer space before you ever think about going there ... jim mccanney

March 20, 2015 posting ... interesting ... the CIA has an "investment firm" called IN-Q-TEL that specializes in start up high tech companies ... they claim to have over 600 successful enterprises under their direction ... but wait a minute bat man and boy wonder robin ... where does the CIA get the money to fund high tech companies (allegedly for your protection ... or is if for infiltration and monitoring you the potential revolutionary public) ??? first of all remember that the CIA came from NAZI GERMANY after WWII ... like the scientists who created many projects in the USA and RUSSIA ... the CIA was seeded by the nazi SS ... the wild bill donovans and the Dulles brothers were just poster childs in an organization that had roots far deeper than anyone really can trace ... they were in germany and are still today the police force of the world bankers stationed in the pawn government of the USA with its dollar and military spearheading world wide deception and control ... from political control to master crafting control of natural resources like oil - precious metals - water - and now outer space ... now they are going into space with CIA owned GOOGLE making billion dollar investments and secret back door deals with the US and related militaries ... but where exactly is the CIA getting the $$$ to invest in over 600 high tech companies ??? is that part of their charter and congressional funding ??? i don't think so ... could it be a money laundering  front for their drug and other world wide illicit ventures like terrorist creation, gun running and chaos creation ??? jim mccanney


Listen to my March 05, 2015 radio show dealing with GOOGLE's new "TRUTH ANALYSIS" method of ranking web pages ... they (the CIA that owns GOOGLE) has developed a "truth data base" that will automatically cleanse the internet of non-compliant web pages and promote those that have a "high truth ranking" ... gee i wonder if my web page would be on their list ... i do not comply with NASA and other government sanctioned "science" ... there is a huge information war going to on and they are desperate to clean up the internet ... it is well underway ... real information is getting harder to find ... jim mccanney 

the following link is to my sub-page COMPROMISED ... the book is by author Terry Reed who wrote of his experiences with Clinton Bush and the CIA as he was a pilot in the Mena Arkansas CIA drug operation which has now become a monster allowing the CIA to control the internet ... all social media ... over 600 private high tech companies (and growing daily) doing everything from surveillance to outer space exploration ... but here was what we know about their "humble beginnings" ... read and learn ... the book itself is hard to find as they have made every effort to suppress it out of circulation ... i know from personal experience that what Reed is saying is 100% true as i saw this happening through wealthy businessmen in Los Angeles in the early to mid 1980s and a long list of connections which were directly involved in what we now call "whitewater" and Iran Contra" as well as the Mena Arkansas operation which by the way led to Waco where the CIA moved after their operation at Mena got to "hot" ... here is the link ... COMPROMISED Clinton Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed

need to watch the following youtube video exposing the authors and criminals of 911