110 High Resolution Color Wide Angle Aerial Photographs take from 45,000 Foot Altitude of the American South West – 2nd Edition (includes a lecture of the geological features you will see in these amazing photos … you can zoom into canyons and remote areas)

This DVD was one of those things that just happened … i was on a project with a friend that has a high altitude air craft used for experimental purposes … my goal was to photograph the upper atmospheric haze and dust layer that had developed prior to january 2005 … we left Los Angeles area before dawn and flew east over the califoria and nevada desert areas to meet the rising sun … as the sun rose over the nevada desert i started taking photos (the first photos on this disc) … we then got the idea to continue east as a most unusual high pressure cell had installed itself over the american southwest all the way to denver … this was a rare opportunity too good to pass up … so we continued flying all the way to denver … i shot the entire american southwest in one session with the rising sun illuminating shadows to provide definitive views of canyons, mountains and some of the most rugged regions in this part of the planet … you can see the region starting just north of groom lake (the famous “area 51”) and continuing over the green river area … you see the washed out areas that cover nearly a third of the state coming out of the southwestern colorado rockie mountains … the home of the ancient anasazi native american indians … the view is from directly below the aircraft to the horizon hundreds of miles away … every square inch is here … kids and adults love this disk … as i once said … i will not be responsible for your kids throwing down their video games and spending endless hours digging into the remote areas of the american southwest … a series of map locations is also given to show the exact flight line … some scientists have used these in geological studies where satellite and lower altitude photos would not suffice … this CD is a jewel and i am proud to have had the opportunity to make this series of photos and present them to the public … a link to a sample pic is found below … look at this then return to the order page to see the options for ordering this once in a life time CD (it is included at reduced price in some of the packages) … jim mccanney

click on the following link to see a sample digital picture (approximately 2 megabyte download … use your browser or Microsoft Photo Editor or ACDSee to view file … be sure to zoom into see the real details … note also how you can look to the upper part of this picture and see the darkness of outer space from this altitude)

click here to see sample pic SampleWebPic-Canyon.jpg