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10/21/2004 posting

mark ...  you may want to post this about the gov disinfo clown mitch battros

just when we were all barely getting over mitch's last hoax about a
Caribbean island (Tortuga) disappearing under the waves with all 26,000
people dead ... now we have to deal with the following garbage from the pen
of mitch

here is "mitch's amazing discovery" GEEEEE could comets affect the sun
???? mitch must have had another vision ... or like the past "visions" he
has had while listening to my radio show or as with his original "vision" in
1995 as he read the Millennium Group Page with my postings on it daily and
as he emailed me admiring my work (of course until he found a way to make
money off of it then he conveniently forgot that part) ... ... may be good
humor to post to your group and show how the disinformation crew is going to
all fronts to cover their puny little behinds ... also big time in the news
this week was the coverup announcement showing that NASA has discovered dust
clouds around hundreds of other stars ... although the dust clouds according
to heralded NASA theory should have formed planets long ago ... something
wrong with their little planet formation theory !!! and they even have to
stoop to having mitch battros (with his zero scientific training) make a
claim that he now has had visions of comets affecting the sun ... but as in
his words ... well read this clip below (sent to me by a fan) for a laugh
... jim mccanney

the following was mouse copied from mitch battros 10/21/2004 posting ...
from the pen of gov sponsored plagiarist mitch battros (editor's notes in
brackets [ ] )

referring to a recent solar outburst ... mitch battros says ...

"Also take a good look at the sharp spike
[ editor's note ... note the use
of the word "spike" clearly copied from the work of McCanney ... part of
plagiarism is in the use of words and presentation of material ... ]
of this
flare. Although it does occur from time to time, I am still wondering if there may be a more sinister reason for this spike
[ editor's note ... seems mitch all of a
sudden is a "spike expert" ]
. See Spike [ editor's note ... three spikes
and you're out mitch!!!]
Here: http://sec.noaa.gov/rt_ Does anyone
out there have the latest SOHO photos ?
[ editor's note ... someone please
tell mitch where to find them on the internet ...]
Is there any indication
of a comet hitting the Sun?
[editor's note ... note how subtly mitch slides
that in there about comets hitting and causing flares on the sun per the
instructions of his gov handlers from the disinformation crew ]

Now before you get too crazy, it is very common for comets to crash into the
Sun. The controversy
[editor's note ... ewwww mitch has created a
controversy !!!!]
relates to a comets affect [ editor's comment ... someone
help mitch out ... the word "affect" is a verb ... the word he should have
used is "effect" ]
, if any. I can tell you most astrophysicists view such
an event as less than flea on a bears butt
[ editor's note ... note how
mitch hangs with the astrophysicists of the world and knows their every
thought ... how worldly of you mitch !!!]
. However, I'm not so sure if this
is always the case. I believe there are energy fields
[ editor's note ...
wow !!! ENERGY FIELDS ... what a concept ... must have been watching star
treck last night mitch ]
not yet defined that may play a role. But let me
make this clear. What I am saying now is pure conjecture. I have no evidence
whatsoever to make such a case. I'm just saying "it is my hunch"
[ editor's
note ... there you have it fans ... mitch had a hunch ... is that like
having lunch but with an H or ... has mitch just been listening to McCanney
AGAIN!!!!] .

this was part of a mitch posting on 10/21/2004 just so you have the date (a
little late mitch, I think McCanney had this pretty much identified ... as
in 30 years ago)

yup so mitch had a "hunch" that comets could affect the sun ... maybe
someone should tell mitch that everyone knows he is a gov paid phony so why
doesn't he just go jump off a bridge somewhere and spare us all the pain of
listening to any more of his tripe ... jim mccanney

10/22/2004 posting

Mitch Battros exposes himself yet again as hard core PX disinfo crew

Add Nancy L. of zt, Di and V of the prep2003 egroup & you have most
of the main characters of the PX disinfo crew mentioned here. Yes,
they are just doing what they are paid to do and mine is not to
judge but simply to inform.

Mark H

The following was written my Sherwood Ensey (Tuatha).

The planet-x.150m.com site is run by the disinfo crew persona known
as JTRIV. If you'll notice there is no reference at the planet-
x.150m.com site as to whom the real person is that is running the
site. If you send an inquiry to the web host inquiring about the
identity of the owner they will refuse to give it to you, or just
ignore your request. JTRIV is the individual that has given Mark and
myself so much trouble.

I certainly do not begrudge the right of McCanney to engage in a
profession that earns him an income, since most in the scientific
industry and scientific institutions are heavily aligned to the
mainstream, and would probably not consider hiring McCanney.
McCanney has to make a living somehow, as do the rest of us. Not
getting paid a salary or a wage related to the 'valuable' scientific
work McCanney does, certainly does not make McCanney any less a
scientist. In fact, I think it makes McCanney more of a scientist,

The real fraud continues to be JTRIV (and those like him and who
link to him); an individual who hides behind numerous aliases and is
extremely reluctant to let the world know who he really is, and his
association to Phil Pliat, and quite possibly a BIG and well
known 'player' in the financial and e-commerce sector - a 'player'
who may very much be funding in part, the disinfo DDT / ICD
campaign. It is the DDT / ICD 'cowards'like JTRIV who use websites
like planet-x.150m.com, and constantly hide behind countless
aliases, and attack out of darkened corners that empower the likes
of the Mitch Battros'es of the world, and in turn make the world the
deceitful and nasty place it has become.

The clarification, and the header from Battros with the link to the
planet-x.150m.com page about McCanney, shows once and for all, and
to all concerned, that Battros is indeed most likely in bed with the
disinformation crew. Anyone who would associate themselves with, and
link themselves to JTRIV's planet-x.150m.com site, like Battros has
done, has shown to the world what his true colors and most important
alliances really are, and that Battros's agenda is not what it
appears to be.


10/22/2004 posting

to all from jim mccanney ... some time back i had a person adept at computer
searches do a search for the person who is the writer of the
planet-x.150m.com site that by the way ... they PAY the web search engines
to come to the top of the list when you search on my name ... the owner was
tracked down to be a woman (is she really a woman? ... look at the info
and you may come to the conclusion of who this really is ... another gov
paid person in the disinfo world of Planet X) by the name P. Thomas ... the
person that did the search for me also was then able to track P. Thomas's
movements on the web and noted that "she has significant amount of
involvement in some Planet X forums and gives both a hotmail address and a
yahoo address for contact of pxfacts@hotmail.com and planetxhunter@yahoo.com
" ... the search continued to note that neither name had profiles listed in
the member directory gives the response marked "female" and the name P.
Thomas ... it is interesting to note the the use of the name "pxfacts" is
jason martell's web page name

as long as we are getting into the goings on behind the scenes ... again
interestingly enough the disinfo crew has really geared up lately on all
fronts after being quiet in the background for some time on the Planet X and
related issues ... is the disinfo group gearing up to let some big news item
out of their cheap bag of tricks???)

... here is something that occurred this past year ... a number of "copy
cat" sites cropped up copying exactly my work and with a
whole host of government paid staff and "promoters" ... one page came on
line last february and i have a solid trail on those clowns and they have
already been identified and served legal papers so i am not broadcasting who
this is as they are being dealt with off line (no need to give them any free
advertisement) ... this site had serious government backing and NASA is
seriously involved in its daily operations and they have a gov paid visible
staff and a larger behind the scenes gov staff that as i said has serious
NASA involvement ... we have identified the main visible players ... that
site was entered with internic in February 2004 and came on line in may and
the heavy visible NASA support became obvious in july with daily plagiarism
of my work ... as i said they are being dealt with off line

the second site was formed out of Curacao The Netherlands ( in the
Caribbean) and was registered as www.jamesmccanneyscience.com (my web name
of course is www.jmccanneyscience.com)  this jamesmcc... site was created by
a group
with a long history of pilfering web sites ... as usual there is no name
associated with the registration and the prior activities of this "group"
included redirecting web traffic to off shore porn sites that used
"deceptively similar" names ... i did my own ongoing search and found it
lead to a pattern of the organizers using russian athletic team names as
code words and oddly enough this lead to the identification as the same
system use by the
CIA as code words and i eventually identified the group that formed this
look-alike page as CIA

now let's get back to P. Thomas who pays the web search engines to have the
planet-x.150m.com web site come up to the top of the list when you search on
my name ... so little wonder that the gov handlers told mitch battros (their
little science pimp with zero science background) to link to that page as
that "keeps his hands clean" and goes to the site that was designed long ago
to do just this activity as is done by Phil Plaitte and other gov paid liars

let's look at the facts about mitch ...

mitch started emailing me in 1995 when my work was the core of the
millenniumgroup web site that was getting 3 million hits per month and dealt
with the Hale Bopp NASA coverup (another story in my long history of being
an independent scientist in the face of the NASA clowns) ... mitch came on
like an "admirer" and was regularly emailing me about my work that "he took
an interest in" (i still have all of those emails by the way) ... then mitch
began an email group basically stealing my work posted on the millennium
group page ... i tried to stop this but before i could mitch all of a sudden
"had a vision" and became the mitch you see today complete with web radio
and TV station interviewing scientists from around the world (a serious
influx of money came mitch's way at that time) ... that was a pretty
amazing feat mitch ... this is also when he came up with his "equation"
(which he now claims came to him in a vision during an earthquake !!!!)
the equation was "derived" from all my work that was clearly public and
visible on the Millennium group page ... but mitch claims it was from his
vision ... sounds like nancy lieder .. which is interesting as this was
exactly the same time that good ole nancy cropped out of the wood work
stating that hale bopp was a figment of your imagination and then first
stated that may 15, 2003 would be the "end of the world" due to planet X
(the birth of the gov sponsored disinformation program that ended in failure
when i identified her with NASA due to the photos on her page being
identified as coming from NASA) ... of course this culminated as phil
plaitte and some others were the final pawns (phil wearing the white hat of
righteousness for nasa as we found out just a few days before that May 15,
2003 would be a RARE ORANGE ECLIPSE OF THE MOON that would rise over the US
at sundown (geee who would have known about this little detail but our good
friends at NASA) ... and yup they had all the suicide peopleready in
florida, japan and of course at nancy lieder's own private coolaide party at
her home in wisconsin with lots of invited "guests" ... the plan all along
was to stage a HEAVENS GATE style suicide and then have it splashed all over
the front page of every news paper in  the world the next day ... THE GOAL
of course was to assure that the term "planet X" was associated with a bunch
of suicidal nut cases!!! and note how efforts continue even to this day to
associate my name with the nut case nancy ... the disinfo crew we see today
by the way is made up of the same people who staged the heavens gate
"suicide" which was actually a mass murder carried out by gov agents when
hale bopp came in (another long story in itself which still has a lot of gov
disinformation on the internet ... primarily linked from NASA web sites)

back to mitch ... so in 1996 mitch is pilfering from talk show hosts to get
his material ... and of course my work that was in high visibility at the
time as i appeared on Art Bell and other shows

mitch has zero scientific background and like all good front men (or women
as in the case with nancy L.) they have their programmable hot buttons and
the disinfo crew are experts at identifying those hot spots and using these
people ... with mitch they had a perfect front man ... note that NONE of
these people have any scientific background that would allow them to be who
they claim to be (as with a very long list of others that have come and gone
in the past year) ... this is on purpose as this keeps their role perfect
for their function and when they are found out they are disposable (kind of
like toilet paper ... note the analogy) ... note how there are many gov
disinfo web sites using information from many other news sources as does
does on his web page to draw people there ... giving the illusion that he is
there "to help and bring you critical information" ... the entire ploy being
to get people to
come to these sites so they have a captive audience when it comes time to
slide out their latest disinformation campaign (such as mitch's comets are
hitting the sun causing flares plagiarism of my work etc) .. as with mitch
he posts "news" from other sites but has NO news staff of his own (something
any good pimp would do since he has NOTHING going on in his own life) ...
all he knows how to do is to steal material from others and post it as his
own ... it is the formula that gets him his $$$$ and support and allows
mitch to travel around the world and be a designated "speaker" ... so in
depends on people buying off on his "i had a vision" bullshit

mitch is a phony gov paid front man and that is why and how he is given the
people to interview and how his show has moved in a few short years to be in
foreign countries and on cable etc ... there are some people in the
background pulling some strings in the media world for mitch to carry his
"message" ... the message of disinformation ... remember that any good
disinformation outlet has a good deal of real information mixed in ... as
with fish ... if you are going to catch fish you need good bait !!!!!!!!!

need i say more ... jim mccanney

September 25, 2004 posting

mitch battros mass mailing and broadcasting hoax about a missing island in the Caribbean ... first my posting of sept 25 alerting people of the hoax and followed by a copy of the hoax

emergency notice ... mitch battros of the phony government funded misinformation site "earth changes  tv" is propagating a hoax that the island of Tortuga in the Caribbean  has "disappeared" and all inhabitants are dead .. this is a hoax ... we are investigating with real sources to find out the reason for the hoax and the real information in that area ...  update ... we were able, thanks to a good friend in a radio studio, to get the original battros hoax listing and he claimed this was due to hurricane jeanne ... i got news for the idiot battros ... jeanne never even came near Tortuga ... better go back to third grade mitch and learn some geography ... he claimed to have multiple direct sources ... all turned out to mitch's imagination ... this clown is nuts ... send this posting to anyone who listens to mitch to let them know who he really is ... a true phony ... more updates on this madness as it arises ...   the mitch posting is mouse copied below ... jim mccanney

here is the mouse copy of the mitch battros hoax

September 24th 2004
Earth Changes TV Breaking News 
ECTV Exclusive: Tortuga Island Disaster Now Confirmed
     by Mitch Battros - ECTV
I have now received no less than six news agency confirmations reporting the
small island of Tortuga has “vanished”. The entire island along with its
26,000 inhabitants have been washed away by “large waves”. This unthinkable event
happened as a result of hurricane ‘Jeanne’, which has also killed over 2,000
people and displaced 250,000 in Haiti.

An expedition of United Nations officials were dispatched via two helicopters
to evaluate the damage to the island of “Tortuga”. A radio transmission was
sent back to base on the island of Haiti. The message stated “we can’t find
the island”. It is reported the tandem UN helicopters circled for a long
period, most likely in stark disbelief nothing was to be found. Not a trace of life
or land. It is now reported all 26,000 may have perished.

I’m not sure I have ever heard of such a disaster. I know of tsunami’s
having killed hundreds, maybe even a few thousand, but I have never heard of a
whole community being wiped out in minutes. Total families are gone. A complete
island missing. And a hurricane who has yet to see the end of its deadly way.

(As translated) “United Nations helicopters made flight over that area but
have seen only storming sea. The area of Tortuga is 180 square kilometers;
population is made 26 000 human beings. Today helicopters of the United Nations
will make repeated flight of region.”

Earth Changes TV remains committed to bringing you the most rapid and cutting
edge news and information that affects every person living today. Thank you
for making us

No. 1 in ‘space weather’ and ‘earth science’news.

    Mitch Battros
Producer  Earth Changes TV
<A HREF="http://www.earthchangestv.com/">http://www.earthchangestv.com</A

this was the mouse copied text of the mitch battros hoax