Grow Towers Home to Large Scale Commercial

Also FREE - complete accredited School Lesson Plans available for K-12 & University Classes with purchase of Grow Tower system

... i just picked up this amazing product line FOR - HOME - COMMERCIAL - CLASSROOM - grow in 1/3 the time without dirt or pests ... in a 10th of the space ... uses 95% less water ... no weeding or failed crops ... indoors with LED lights or outdoors or greenhouse ... systems come with pumps - tubes - timers - filters - easy assembly parts - growth mixture and seeds - instructions ... you can use your own heirloom seeds ... so you have fresh herbs and vege's in your diet all year long ... food is going to become scarce you need your own supply ... imagine clipping lettuce or your favorite herbs or picking tomatoes for up to 3 months from just one plant ... no more pesticides or herbicides in your food ... when you buy "organic" in the store it really has been sprayed with something and generally is from GMO seeds ... now you can have true organic non-GMO FRESH daily ...low power consumption uses a single 110 VAC electric plug OR can even run from off-grid batteries ... can purchase with 12 easy payments ... FOR HOME OR COMMERCIAL


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