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May 04, 2006 update

there is no doubt in my mind that the over land severe weather manipulation has already started as i predicted for the 2006 weather season ... The Weather Channel and its associated weather page weather. com has already initiated the "prepping of the public" with shows on prime time indicating that severe weather could happen any where or any time in a neighborhood near you ... already we have had 4 times the number of severe storms this season ... yup ... 4 times ... and this ain't due to global warming as they would want you to believe ... every day you will see the homes of people across the country destroyed as if so many bombs were going off ... the beauty of this entire plan has already been realized in manipulated storms in florida and of course the big one in new orleans ... just blame it on the weather ... mother nature ... an act of god ... and without the real information coming out on who is doing this (the US Space Command) and how (with satellite lasers paid for by your tax dollars) ...   

listen to my radio show tonight (or the archive of the show if you cannot listen to the show live) for an interesting review of this past week's unusual weather world wide and the causes

March 23, 2006 update

listen to my radio show tonight (or the archive of the show if you cannot listen to the show live) for an interesting review of this past week's unusual weather world wide and the causes

January 19, 2006 update

The weather has been rather tranquil lately so i have not posted updates ... i have been covering relevant issues on my weekly radio show but when serious issues arise i can post here from any location on the planet to give you important breaking news ... jim mccanney

November 10, 2005 update

WOWWW ... the sun has been calm as a kitten sleeping and the earth weather is as benign as a sleeping old hound dog ... are we really headed into a solar minimum or is the calm before the storm ??? stay tuned ... jim mccanney

October 23, 2005 update

Hurricane Wilma stalls off Yucatan ... are they deciding where to send it as Tropical Storm Alpha heads to Florida ??? possibly into the oil fields of the western gulf ... there is not a lot to say other than MANIPULATED ... jim mccanney

October 19, 2005 update ... look and decide for yourselves ... is Hurricane Wilma being manipulated and HOW HOW HOW does NOAA make a prediction that the storm will roll cleanly through the straight of Yucatan (between the Yucatan peninsula and Cuba) and then will make a hard right to go to southern florida ??? ... the most impossible place on the planet to predict hurricane paths is in this area ... look at the following picture of the real path of Hurricane Wilma south of Jamaica ... it moves north and south and west and east ... Doin the Black Ops Dance .... to make it move right through the channel to enter the gulf ... look at the following link and watch Wilma "Doin the Black Ops Dance" 

click here ---> HurricaneWilma10182005DoinTheBlackOpsDance.gif

now understand that the oil futures plummeted when they found out that this storm would NOT go to New Orleans or Texas ... so the greed mongers began selling and i understand a few possible insiders began buying ... what a strange time to buy ... so it will sure be interesting to watch this storm as it heads into the gulf ... just when good ole Geee Dubya and the oil boys need a serious boost in ratings ... maybe they are seeing this as their last grab ... keep posted as we follow this obviously manipulated storm ... jim mccanney 

October 17, 2005 update .... all of a sudden the old sun has gone silent ... this could be the beginning of a long quiet spell OR it could mark just another cycle where booming solar flares could come pounding out to charge the solar system ... but not to relax too much ... as the solar capacitor is highly charged and we have been seeing the effects of that for some time ... this is a tremendous source of stored energy and can be triggered at any moment ... come to think of it the activity of comets has been extremely quiet lately also ... will keep you posted here if earth effecting events happen ... remember that the sun can affect earth quakes, volcanoes and even underwater land slides that could cause tsunamis ... listen wednesday night October 19 as i will be guest on coast to coast AM in a round table discussion talking about these topics ... jim mccanney 

October 14, 2005 update ... be prepared to be barraged by misinformation regarding weather and earth changes and the true condition of the sun and solar output which is setting record levels ... i have always tried to put out the best information possible and will continue to do so ... jim mccanney

September 29, 2005 update

listen to my show live or the archive for the update on today's weather


September 22, 2005 update

listen to my show live or the archive for the update on today's weather including storm Rita manipulation ... jim mccanney

September 15, 2005 update

i am watching the current batch of storms in the pacific and atlantic and the one coming into the gulf at this moment for signs of manipulation ... stay tuned as the sun provides ample electrical storm power for these storms ... jim mccanney 

September 15, 2005 update

listen to my show live or the archive for the update on today's weather ... the sun is going bonkers ... literally ... jim mccanney

September 12, 2005 update

Hurricane Ophelia continues to diminish in strength but what was almost humorous was the NOAA has begun allowing for two "predicted paths" is the normal path that their computers generate (which is a crock anyway) and the second is the "loop de loop path" that would bring it back south to invade the USA ... 

other than that in spite of the sun blasting away with mega flare after mega flare ... the flow around the earth remains rather stable and consistent so we have not seen the severe weather that could arise in such situations because it is the change rate near earth that causes the storms to develop 

the following postings are from the soho page with commentary 

what is significant about the following proton chart is that the long term "flares" are not going away ... but as noted they are relatively constant and this actually does not affect our weather as there is a steady state flow around earth 

typically the following kP index (below) would indicate severe storm activity on earth but as noted the overall flow is constant at this time so earth weather is relatively tranquil ... this proves that the earth weather is ELECTRICAL and not magnetically inspired as other scientists (and some internet imposters who want to pretend like they know about weather) have been stating erroneously   

and last but not least the xray dosages are out of this world as a result of the activity noted in the graphs above ... have you been wearing your lead suite and had lately ???

scientists incorrectly assume that all of this x-ray activity emanates from the sun ... a good deal of it is created in the satellite environment itself as the earth is doing the same and affording earth residents a glowing experience 

earth's weather could change very rapidly and i recommend that everyone be prepared to sit out a long term stay in your homes with no infrastructure ... jim mccanney


September 08, 2005 update

we are currently seeing tremendous flaring from the sun and also localized electrical discharges that are creating severe x-ray activity in the vicinity of earth and creating the possibility of more sever weather as the ionosphere is being pumped up electrically ... something that standard science refuses to acknowledge or report ... listen to my radio show tonight for details of this and other earth weather conditions ... jim mccanney

September 03, 2005 update

we now are looking down the barrel of 3 solar flares that emerged from the sun in the past 24 hours ... all will pump up the local solar capacitor in our vicinity of the solar system ... additionally the solar magnetic fluctuations in the vicinity of earth have been wild and erratic and the kP index of solar magnetic disturbances has been off scale / our plasma geomagnetic field has been off scale in both the positive and minus directions and is oscillating wildly as i write this update ... this creates a volatile situation for earth weather as super thunderstorm cells roll fo the west coast of africa and entering the south atlantic ocean and are heading west towards the caribbean ... with these solar conditions there is a severe possibility that a follow on storm could occur and if there is a group of insane doctor strange love's lurking out there ... would they dare try to finish what they have started ... or are they eyeing up new targets ?? jim mccanney


August 30, 2005 update

After Katrina, as the US gulf oil production facilities and those of florida declared that they will take time to regain capacity ... and with the price of gas going up 20 cents overnight ... geeee the saudies were sure nice to offer to start pumping some more oil to offset our "loss" ... increasing our dependency on foreign oil ... are you starting to get the picture ??? 

OK ... so how does this work ?? the gas prices went up 20 cents per gallon BEFORE the hurricane hit the oil producing areas ... If the storm would have proceeded due north (as predicted) it would have hit new orleans and missed the oil producing areas ... seems that  someone was awful sure of the path of this storm turning east and hitting the oil areas dead on ... and sure enough it did ... the path did such a hard right and the path so ridiculously and obviously controlled that the major satellite distributors of information are not showing the true path ... the path of this storm as a whole is so out of normality from standard hurricane paths that it is not funny (all the way from the Bahamas) ... the following is the path and even today the storm is far east of what they are reporting as the "path" ... see for yourselves ... look USA ... you are being had ... as in BIG TIME ... 

the following is the "official path" ... not showing the hard right that Katrina took ... hours before land fall it was actually headed WEST of new orleans ... then it headed north and dead on to new orleans ... as the eye made its way inland only a few miles it made a hard right (not shown on the "official path" below) and hit the oil refineries dead on that lie in southern coastal areas all the way to mobile ... all the roofs in mobile were gone ... and guess where FEMA was stationed ... MOBILE !!!! ... aren't the folks in mobile starting to wonder ??? this is the 5th major storm to hit in less than a year ... this one did not miss the oil platforms or the refineries OR THE OIL FUTURES TRADING ... who owns the oil anyway?

THERE IS A FEDERAL LAW PROHIBITING THE USE OF NATURAL DISASTERS FOR PROFITEERING ... but apparently that is being overlooked by the fed and "our oil president" (who remember is just a mindless little alter boy puppet front man for the true owners of the fed) ... now see the "official path" showing the storm going right over new orleans ... they even try to compensate eastward just a little in central alabama but it is still not enough to get even close to the true path ... we all know that the eye did not go over new orleans ... so why does this map show it ??? because the true path is so ridiculous ... taking that hard right turn to mobile ... 


click here for the current location of the storm and compare it to where the "official path" shows the storm ... you don't need a PhD or an EXPERT sign around your neck to see that NOAA is full of you know what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  untitled.bmp


August 29, 2005 posting ...we have scoured the news announcements and the MAIN THEME is not that this may be the end of New Orleans as we know it or the devastating loss of life and property or the fact that this storm could have been reduced in energy ... the people at NOAA have had my information and since the 1990s have refused to look at using this simple technique to reduce and move storms out of harms way ... INSTEAD the main theme of the news media is that this will increase your oil and heating prices ... if you do not think this storm was manipulated ... get a clue ... and it was not by the iranians !!!! ... jim mccanney

August 28, 2005 update






August 18, 2005 update

listen to my show for updates on solar system and earth weather ... jim mccanney

August 04, 2005 update

listen to my show for updates on solar system and earth weather ... jim mccanney

August 01, 2005 update

A rapidly developing system of solar sun spots as well as other solar system conditions is prompting this emergency posting.   I have been talking about the sun being highly erratic lately and this is ongoing at this time, however there are contributing factors that require immediate notification.  We are about to receive the first major solar flare from Sun Spot 792 which is the largest and newest sunspot to face earth as it rounded the sun a few days ago.  It was the source of some major solar flares when it was on the far side of the sun including one that was induced by a streaking comet FROM THE SOUTH.  Sun spots 791 and 793 are also facing earth.  Tonight look for auroras in the northern and southern latitudes resulting from the current near miss of the latest solar flare from sunspot 792.  In the upcoming days however we are going to have a new moon on August 5th and new moon passing on August 7.  Read my weather book for more details on the significance of this.  On August 5 Mercury is in an inferior conjunction with Earth BUT ... Neptune is at opposition meaning it is on the same side of the sun as Earth and Mercury (in electrical alignment with Earth - Mercury - the new moon passing - and the August return current sheet that drives our severe weather in August) ... all of this coupled with a New moon passing which is the "trigger".  In my early summer prediction of severe weather I stated that this would be a minor active period for probable severe storm activity (both on earth and in the vicinity of earth in the solar system) .... HOWEVER I stated it would depend on the solar conditions at this time ... Well ... the solar conditions are very erratic and we now are facing a major very active sun spot.  Notice that the Officialdom (official dumb) statements of the current solar flare is that it will not hit us so no big deal.  IFFFF there is a discharge of the solar capacitor that could couple in Neptune and electrically bridge the gap to the far reaches of the solar system we could be in for some of the most severe solar flaring and resulting solar storms and severe earth weather witnessed in modern historical times in the next 2 weeks.

The people who are in dire danger now are the astronauts on the space station with a crippled shuttle.  Couple this with the 3 upcoming meteor streams of early august ( the two branches of the Aquarids and then the August 12 Perseids) ... i cannot imagine why NASA was so pressed to send the astronauts into space at this time.  What was the big hurry?  (Were the aerospace corps demanding a launch so they could get back to business as usual or was there another deeper reason??? as in an incoming celestial object???).

Stay tuned as I will be updating this page and watch for guest appearances on the shows where i am regular guest for more updates ... jim mccanney 


July 10, 2005 update

Below is the GOES satellite information showing a severe localized solar storm in the region of earth resulting from a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that occurred on July 09, 2005 ... this is the solar storm that drove hurricane Dennis into a fury ... as i noted earlier in my prediction of this summer's hurricane season ... i said that there were no major electrical alignments notable from information abailable at the beginning of the summer and if any hurricane activity would occur it would depend on local electrical storms from the sun and this is exactly what is happening here ... the solar magnetic field direction and strength and general solar wind conditions were varying wildly today and over the past days ... and couple this with a new moon passing (read about the significance of this condition in my weather book) and you have the conditions to have Hurricane Dennis develop into a huge storm ... HOWEVER it is also apparent from the way the NOAA (National Hurricane Prediction Center) path prediction was made as Dennis was far out in the Caribbean that it was already being manipulated to strike the Mobile Alabama area and the local oil production faculties ... as Tropical Storm Cindy earlier hit this same area the futures prices for next winter's heating fuel were already taking huge hikes ... are severe storms being manipulated to inflate oil and energy costs ???? you can guess what i think about that ... jim mccanney


June 16, 23 and 30, 2005 updates

Listen to my radio show tonight (or archives found on the main home page) for the national and world severe weather update complete with explanations of how the weather forms from solar conditions ... jim mccanney  

June 07, 2005 update

today we are experiencing an odd set of solar conditions ... there is not a serious solar storm in terms of other storms we have seen however the local conditions are locally severe ... it appears we are already encountering the august return current sheet coming from the far reaches of the solar capacitor and as i have stated before it can act as a plasma "snake" whipping around in this region of the solar system with the exaggerated conditions of the electrical solar capacitor it appears that the "snake" is whipping around and we could be in for a very unpredictable season ... i noted on the last show i did with Coast to Coast AM when asked by host George Noory what my prediction for the season would be relative to hurricanes i stated that this would be a calm summer unless we had sudden solar system conditions that warranted  note as we a re seeing now ... within hours of the start of these high magnetic readings the Atlantic and Caribbean and the rest of the world ignited in storm activity ... stop by my Thursday night show for an update ... oddly enough there was NO SOLAR ACTIVITY that prompted this set of conditions ... as i noted one needs to be experienced in reading the total set of solar system conditions to understand the situation ... as always beware of internet imposters and copy cats who visit this page regularly to get their posting start up information ... also note that the NOAA and NASA sources are still looking for salt content in the ocean to explain weather ... i do not  always post on a daily basis but will be posting when there is warranted information regarding severe weather ... be sure to visit my radio show thursday or the archives for updates ... jim mccanney 


May 15, 2005 update

this past week we saw an extreme solar event that took out power grids around the world ... the toll to satellites has not been made public yet and the real story of x-ray hazard or severe weather of course was never stated as usual ... see my weather book for details on the direct cause of these events ... the following charts speak for themselves as many of you already have the weather book which explains how to read and interpret these charts ... the times and dates listed on the charts are in UT universal time so you must convert to your time zone to get an accurate time for the initial impulse of the solar flare as it reached the SOHO satellite and other earth orbiting satellites to measure these effects ... in order of the following charts they are first the proton counts and you see the wall of the solar flare hitting at 0200 UT on may 15 ... that day power grids across the country and world were responding with rolling black outs and power surges ... i am awaiting a complete report on the power grid situation as i write this ... scroll down for more details

the following graph also indicates the proton count which is the dominant species of particles found in the solar flare ... in addition to creating an immediate threat to earth this is continuing to build the solar capacitor which will affect our planet and weather into the future 

the following chart many of you are familiar with as the proton and electron fluxes and the GOES magnetic field detector and lastly the series of red bars known as the Kp index which i have shown is directly related to the x-ray hazard as this indicates the varying plasma magnetic field that is being broken and distorted by the solar flare and allowing the solar wind to pound directly on our upper atmosphere ... we have a value of  9 occurring on may 15 and this is an extremely sever flare ... actually it is an "electrical" storm and is misinterpreted as a "geo-magnetic" storm which is a secondary effect ... i will be talking about this on upcoming radio shows where i will be guest (to be announced) and also on my own radio show this week ... for a detailed explanation see my weather book PRINCIPIA METEOROLOGIA - THE PHYSICS OF SUN EARTH WEATHER written for the general public ... note in the chart below the characteristic drop in electron count at the detector at the same time as the magnetic disturbance ... read as explained in my book why this actually indicates a rise in true electron count and what it means to your health 

the following chart indicates a snap shot of the solar wind and you see the plasma magnetic field has reversed as the solar wind speed hits the "red line"  

and last but not least the x-ray dosage at high earth orbit ... this and other effects are causing severe x-ray hazard at the earth' surface do you have your lead shielding on today ???? note how the near earth x-ray count lags behind the actual solar flare ... once again see this described in my weather book ... jim mccanney (stay tuned for upcoming radio shows)







March 24, 2005 update

today tropical storm Hinnie is brewing in the Southern Indian Ocean and is expected to become an indian ocean typhoon (out of season) within a few days as it heads for Madagascar ... Venus continues on its path to the far side of the sun and  this rare alignment occurs with Venus passing through the August return current sheet ... we will be watching with interest as it heads to the far side of the soho C3 field of view where it may exhibit the comet characteristics again due to discharging the solar capacitor  ... jim mccanney  


February 20, 2005 update

Today the solar conditions remain calm and "normal".  Hurricane OLAF is subsiding in the South Pacific and damaged 3 small islands in the Samoa group.  There was a mysterious change of direction of this storm causing it to miss the main island of Samoa that has baffled weather experts.  I am now looking into the possibility that it was manipulated this time for the benefit of man (possibly one the MIL guys has a cabin there !!).  

California continues to be the target of major rivers of atmospheric water coming off the pacific while unusual winds have covered much of the pacific between Hawaii and the Southern Coast of California. I will be posting the weather manipulation videos that i secured in Januray that were being driven by laser satellites ... these i will post in the next days from another location so the files are not corrupted or blocked as they were as i attempted to transmit these in early January from a remote site in the Pacific.

And Now for the Sun Earth Weather ... I am of the opinion that California's wet weather COULD be intentionally manipulated to ready it for a massive tsunami ... this is based on a number of factors that i have been studying over the past month.   click on the following link for today's weather report ... jim mccanney



January 27, 2005 update


january 27, 2005 ... i am leaving the january 22 postings below as contrast ... the sun has gone remarkably silent in the past day and this is not good to say the least ... this indicates that as i have been saying all along that this natural energy system is oscillating and reaching new highs and lows ... the last "high" was beyond any past record by a factor of 3 in solar wind speed during the shock and many more factors reached new high levels ... now the sun is hitting a record low ... where will it go next ???  ... i bet the poor astronauts in the ISS got fried ... will keep actively posting here as earth weather gets crazy due to solar agitation ... and what is the nasa SOHO team response to all of this ? ... they hold a contest to see who can guess the date of the 1000th comet discovered by SOHO ... kind of missing the point of what is going on here aren't they ??? jim mccanney

click on link below to view the january 22, 2005 solar condition posting to contrast with the low sate of the sun on january 27, 2005

january 22 2005 solar condition posting


January 22, 2005 update


streaming version of 1.3 meg - 10 MINUTE file ... click on link below



January 14, 2005 update

I am reposting here for future reference the january 03 posting from the top of the home page 

january 03, 2005 posting ... the sun remains extremely active and erratic ... however the real story is the following ... in addition to the extreme solar conditions i have now clear evidence of manipulation of weather by what appears to be a military satellite that is either geo stationed over the pacific ocean or is on an orbit that allows regular pulsing of the atmosphere or can be moved into non-geo semi-stationary orbits by a station keeping propulsion system ... the following information i personally gathered at an altitude of 37,000 feet from a location approximately 200 miles west of San Francisco over the Pacific Ocean ...  a clear signature of a laser was observed and triangulated that was inducing the cyclonic storm approximately 200  miles off the west coast of Oregon and has since forced that storm center to move in a southerly direction and is now off the coast of northern California ... the purpose of this man made storm is to draw moisture off of what at first seemed a naturally occurring central Pacific tropical depression but i am now becoming more convinced that this second storm center also is being manipulated and maintained in location as it has been stationary over the exact same location in the Pacific ... NOAA computer predictions are totally incorrect and have been incorrect over that past weeks for not only this area but also for the affected areas which includes much of the south west USA ... the storms that were predicted to bring water to arizona for example were supposed to be drawing water from a jet stream coming down from alaska according to NOAA weather models (the water in fact is coming from the west and the south pacific) ... this is because the normal flow of the storm cells would have them moving in a totally different manner ... this all started to become obvious some time ago when the storm cells off of Oregon were forming and just setting there ... many times this same storm cell would form and dissipate in a matter of hours ... weather manipulation was clearly occurring... not following the normal seasonal progressions ... i made arrangements to place myself in a position where i could directly measure what i had since become convinced was weather manipulation of these pacific storm centers ... especially after the Florida Hurricane season ... when hurricane Jeanne did the loop de loop in the Atlantic and then headed for the same land fall location as hurricane Frances (i have been watching closely for signs of weather manipulation that i could measure and verify ... i was also confounded by the complete inability of NOAA computer models to predict the hurricane paths and weather in general ... those computer models are pretty bad to begin with but statistically for short range predictions they should have had a fairly good prediction record for the four major hurricanes of last fall and also for immediate weather of the pacific region ... all of this has been clear signs that the left hand did not know what the right hand was doing and is so typical of American Black Ops ... when i began noticing this weather "strangeness" i made arrangements to move into position to make direct measurements of what i now had become convinced were satellites sending laser beams to earth to ignite and move storms ... this was also confirmed when the strange Brazilian Hurricane of last March showed definite signs of manipulation ... on JANUARY 01, 2005 I MADE THE DIRECT MEASUREMENT AND CONFIRMED THROUGH MULTIPLE READINGS BY TRIANGULATION THE LASER SIGNATURE THAT WAS DRIVING THE STORM OF THE WEST COAST OF OREGON as i said from an altitude of 37,000 feet approximately 200 miles west of San Francisco ... as you will see from the attached video clip the central pacific storm is stationary and is fueling the moisture for the second small storm center that has now moved south to be just west of northern California ... this storm is drawing large amounts of moisture and is flooding the west coast area ... this is a clear cut case of weather manipulation to devastate a populated area in the USA ... i have always been suspicious of the extremely large mil satellites that were put in orbit over recent years "to listen to the cell phones of terrorists" ... you do not need these large satellites for that purpose ... but you do need a large satellite for a high energy laser !!!!! ... i am not giving out at this time any more details ... but i captured the pacific satellite loop for your inspection of the two storm systems ... note that pacific system has been setting in the same location for almost 2 weeks ... the storm system over the pacific and just west of Oregon has been forming and dissipating a number of times over the past weeks as they got their calibration down i suspect ... watch the Oregon storm move southward in the video clip and watch how it drags the moisture from the central pacific storm into california's west coast and also is affecting the weather as far south as mexico ... it seems our boys in blue are doing more than fighting terrorists ... the solar conditions as noted above are extremely severe and erratic and the mil boys are apparently getting their jolly's by making a bad situation worse ...

 (PS observe the copyright notice of this page ... thank you) 

click on the line below for the link to mil weather manipulation loop (approx .5 meg file)


i have tried dozens of times to post this file and they keep pulling it off faster that i can post it ...

note ... if our mil denies doing this then who is doing it and why do the mil bozos not know about it ???? answer .... our own military is doing this and at this point i would safely wager to say that the Florida Hurricanes, the Brazilian Hurricane of March 2004 and possibly many other storms around the world were "enhanced" ... my first candidate for weather manipulation would be the french weather of the past year (possibly for not going along with the US iraq "war on terror")  ... jim mccanney   


January 01, 2005 update

January 01, 2005 emergency notice ... the sun has been firing out some of the most powerful mass filled blasts i have ever seen ... these have been coming off the west limb and will be rotating our way shortly ... the x-ray spikes are sharp and narrow indicating extremely impulsive behavior at the surface of the sun ... if you pull the SOHO images from December 29 onwards you will see them ... i do not have a lot of time to post right now but will be tracking these as they rotate towards earth and i will be trying to update this page ... if there is ongoing presence of these flares i will move to go on some radio shows for an emergency update and will be posting here as time allows ... we are already starting the new year with a bang !!! ... jim mccanney  

December 12, 2004 update

Since the December 3 huge solar flare that lasted many days we have seen a relatively tranquil sun ... however in the past 12 hours the solar magnetic storm index (the Kp index) has shown 4 consecutive 4 hour periods of fluctuating magnetic fields - giving earth residents another burst of locally generated x-rays ... since there is no measurement of these on any government site we have no ongoing record of the solar activity that affects us ... this could be a cause of increase in cancer rates ... the Russians began tracking this data in the 1990's but the USA and European agencies have ignored and even denied that such a problem exists ... see the graph below for the red bars ...

recently nasa scientists began to admit to having the data i have been talking about regarding the holes developing in the earth's protective magnetic field but they still claim there is no threat to earth inhabitants ... as i said above the Russians have been openly studying this since the first major recorded x-ray incident back in the 90's ... they also have been tracking and correlating these data to cancer rates 

 If you do not believe my story that comets are affecting the sun and think comets are harmless little dirty snow balls then look at the following movie link (it is about 2 megs file so if  you have a slow line it will take some time to down load but it is worth the wait) 

comet solar flare movie 01072004.mpeg

... jim mccanney 


November 16, 2004 update

the sun has been somewhat calm although the cosmic rays have been pouring out steadily over the past weeks ... something that is highly unusual ... also the past day has seen minor oscillations in the solar wind magnetic field which has included some minor magnetic reversals of the plasma magnetic field and therefore minor x-ray activity in the upper atmosphere ... as i have said before the oscillation mode of the sun is in terms of days and not 11 years and that is what is disturbing ... jim mccanney


November 12, 2004 update

Nov 12, 2004 ... the sun has NEVER been this active (so do you believe we are in a solar minimum or is there a visitor coming into our solar system driving the sun to new heights???) ... the red bars indicate severe geomagnetic disturbances from recent solar activity which translates into severe x-ray dosages for people on earth ... bet you have not heard about that on the evening news ... listen to my 11/11/2004 radio show for details ...  click on the link below for the Kp index for the past days ... jim mccanney 



November 04, 2004 update

listen to my November 04 radio  show and see the notes page referred to in that program ... i talk about the recent solar weather activity proving that there is fusion at the surface of the sun, that the sun produces cosmic rays (relativistic protons), and proving (for the tenth time) that there is a differential count of electrons and electrons in the solar wind  ... if you have limited time just go to the following link for the notes for that show 

lecture notes for november 04, 2004 show


October 15, 2004 update ... tropical storm Nicole is meandering northward with possible landfall near Nova Scotia ... i thought it somewhat comical as i reviewed a government internet page that told that tropical storms and hurricanes were caused by 80 degree tropical water temperatures ... try telling that to the people in Nova Scotia ... but the tremendous 2004 hurricane season is still underway and holds potential for some major storms possibly yet to come ... remember that the "Perfect Storm" that combined 3 huge land born hurricanes on October 31 Halloween 1991 could happen again as we set in the low ebb of the current solar cycle (do you remember the Perfect Storm??? part formed in the upper midwest and dumped 36 inches of snow one day and 37 inches the next before it raged out into the Atlantic to join the two other storms ... no tropical warm waters there either folks ... but why don't we keep that between us so the guys at NOAA still keep their jobs) ... let's see what happens as we near "election" day 2004 ... seems that everything is being manipulated these days ... oil prices, tax breaks for the rich corporations, elections and even now the weather ... what will be next ???  manipulation of the food supply or your ability to raise your own kids??? HEY !!! i got an idea ... how about a good old fashioned revolution to throw the greedy con artists out of high offices ... kind of a modern day storming of the Bastille ... OOOPs did i say revolution ... even that is now un-american ... or did our for-fathers not intend us to be free from the kings who wear no clothes ??? was not that what the AMERICAN REVOLUTION was all about??? .... more on the weather (and the "revolution") as it happens ... remember that a revolution is primarily intellectual and a state of mind ... as in "Just Say No To Big Bad Government"  after all a revolution is somewhat like the weather ... as stated by one famous song writer ... "the answer is blowin' in the wind"  ... jim mccanney

remember that i am always cautious about suggesting the weather control scenario and do so with a grain of salt ... yes i do think they are doing weather control such as with the hurricanes in florida (the loop de loop that jeanne did in the atlantic was the clincher!!!)  ... also i think it is a perfect cover for the upcoming events from extra planet earth forces over which they have no control ... so the people will say "oh that just the mil boys playing with the weather again" when in fact the big one is on its way ... just keep this in mind ... jim mccanney

September 29, 2004 update Hurricane Jeanne is finally moving out into the atlantic ... it seemed for a while that the controllers were going to bring it back for another strike but that would be a bit obvious to even the casual observer .. .interesting that FEMA has sole control of 15 states now ... have you thought about that ??? in what is being called a massive "aid" effort ... where have you heard that before ... seems the good ole' USA is being reduced to a third world country in short order ...

Also there is a false rumor being propagated that "oil forms under ground" (... geee how out of site out of mind can you get???) as a replacement for the Velikovsky initiated scenario which i have confirmed with my Plasma Discharge Comet Model that states that oil comes from outer space as comets pass by (the big comets that is ... as we know has happened in the history of earth and all celestial objects ... wait until they discover oil on the moon at the surface ... remember when oil was first discovered in the mid-east and used commercially it was literally laying all over the ground ... proof it did not form under ground) and also oil was in the earth as it was initially formed as it was a giant comet also as it road into our solar system billions of years ago as a captured entity ... it is a part of the comet process and we see these hydrocarbons in that tails of modern comets ... jim mccanney 

September 25 late notice ... there  are multiple indicators arising that the hurricanes hitting Florida this year are in fact being manipulated using weather control by the method i detailed on the September 15 C2C show and obvious from my published weather work both on radio and in print (by beaming energy down the eye of the hurricane using a beamed energy satellite such as GWEN to control the direction and strength of the hurricanes) ... i stated on that show that i had no detailed evidence at that time that this was weather control but i am leaning the other way now based on evidence that is now surfacing ... the loop de loop that hurricane Jeanne performed out in the Atlantic was the clincher (see the Sun Earth Weather page below for Jeanne's path) ... also the probability of 4 major hurricanes hitting Florida in one year is astronomically small ... the last straw was as some personal contacts are finding that there are certain groups making major investments in land takeovers in Florida at this time (Bro Jeb's home state ... are you starting to get the picture???) ... with the ability to now control hurricanes and reduce their energy and dump water off shore by the methods i have developed there was no need to have any of these hurricanes land fall and create this much damage ... but now the land  is seemingly being taken from the land owners and will be transferred to "new owners" and with enormous profits to those in the financial positions they are taking at this moment (can you guess who these people are???  .. is it not interesting that the Miami area has been spared totally on all hurricane passages ... start to think who lives there ... the big money people i mean ???) ... all of this could have been prevented ... but like 911 ... certain "investors" have an edge on the futures in Florida ... you can also see why i have stated that the death counts were huge and un-accounted for after all of these hurricanes ... FEMA has been a very busy agency as the National Guard blocked access to these areas from the news media etc ... missing dead people do not warrant insurance payouts and they cannot speak out to reclaim their land ... it also starts to make more sense why the gov disinformation site noted just below this update ( about the gov disinfo dupe battros) would announce a phony story about the island of tortuga missing with all people dead ... the disinfo crew always primes the news pump with a story to get people thinking ..."missing island ... missing people ... and now it is happening here"  are you starting to get the picture ???  ... jim mccanney

emergency notice ... mitch battros of the phony government funded misinformation site "earth changes  tv" is propagating a hoax that the island of Tortuga in the Caribbean  has "disappeared" and all inhabitants are dead .. this is a hoax ... we are investigating with real sources to find out the reason for the hoax and the real information in that area ...  update ... we were able, thanks to a good friend in a radio studio, to get the original battros hoax listing and he claimed this was due to hurricane jeanne ... i got news for the idiot battros ... jeanne never even came near Tortuga ... better go back to third grade mitch and learn some geography ... he claimed to have multiple direct sources ... all turned out to mitch's imagination ... this clown is nuts ... send this posting to anyone who listens to mitch to let them know who he really is ... a true phony ... more updates on this madness as it arises ...   jim mccanney

September 24, 2004 update

the unpredictable path of jeanne is proof that the national weather service is totally incapable of predicting these ... as i said in my books ... "you can't predict the weather if you do not know what causes the weather" 

here is the pic of  jeanne ... remember the original "prediction" from NOAA was that jeanne would head up into the atlantic harmlessly missing everything ... you never hear them site this or apologize ... just more self administered prizes for their "accuracy" 

hurricane jeanne satellite pic.wsi

local reports from florida ... there has been severe water damage to housing that remains after that past 3 hurricanes and here comes a 4th ... many more houses will be totaled leaving these people with no where to go and no ability to rebuild  ... WE HAVE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF REFUGEES IN THIS COUNTRY AND THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE WORD IN THE MAJOR MEWS MEDIA ABOUT THIS ... all the news media is carrying is the ongoing World Wrestling Federation style mud slinging of our two cousin Skull and Cross Bones junior member "candidates" in this phony presidential campaign ...

hurricane Ivan (actually the remnant storm and its associated severe weather system) now extends from out in the gulf of mexico far north into the USA (see link above for the extent of ivan) ... noaa makes no mention of this in its discussion of ivan ... remember that ivan moved back out into the gulf after land fall ... a totally unheard of path ... hurricane frances did the same on the night i was guest on the C2C show and within a few hours the data for that storm was erased off the gov weather sites .. the loop de loop path that jeanne followed is totally unprecedented ... 

the sun remains out of sorts with normality and satellite data is sparse and unreliable ... i will keep up as best i can but at this point in time everyone must become prepared as the upcoming times are not looking good and you will be the only person you can depend on to take care of you and your loved ones ... as you see in florida there ain't no gov agency that is going to step in to save you ...

 jim mccanney

September 19, 2004 update

20 Earth quakes rock California - Nevada Border near Mono Lake ... with some in the 5 - 6 on the Richter scale ... Earth is SUPER electric right now ... wish i had instruments to measure directly so i could say with more certainty about this being related to solar activity .. the entire problem with geological activity is that we do not always know the Earth history and cycles ... so is this the earth doing this or the sun or a combination of both ...we do not have enough information to say ... click on link below for the map of quakes from the USGS page ,,, jim mccanney


new game ... you count the hurricanes (the day after new moon as i predicted!!) 

Sept 15, 2004 ... have been up most of the night dealing with gathering data from earth quakes, increased volcanic activity, hurricanes around the globe and the solar conditions both at the sun and at earth ... need to get some sleep but am posting the following for now ...

September 15, 2004 update ...i am being inundated with data from the sun, weather and earth conditions including earth quakes and volcanoes rumbling ... the earth is being pounded with a significant amount of energy as we see 3 hurricanes off the USA alone ... NOAA and the SOHO people list "no storm solar storm activity!!!! " are they brain dead or just being paid a comfortable salary to be stupid??? tell that to the people of Puerto Rico and other islands as they wake up to brace for a hurricane ... they are not listing storms to save their ridiculous statistical game which has already failed miserably this season so give it up NOAA ... i will be posting as i can but this whole thing is going bonkers ... we have the new moon passing, solar energy bursts from massive recent solar flaring and the return august current sheet that is whipping us from behind ... there is significant water pouring into these storms from outside the planet and the electrical energy  is funneling into earth quake areas as well as volcanoes which could trigger some active areas ... will try to keep up with this ... can someone clone me so i can have some help??? ... jim mccanney

September 15, 2004 update ... a new hurricane just formed OVER NIGHT !! east of Puerto Rico ... a tropical storm in just hours is transforming into a hurricane (this storm remained un-named until just recently by NOAA since they are trying to fudge their statistics) this rapid development could win the title just recently given to hurricane Ivan as being the fastest forming hurricane on record ... for full update including solar conditions see the Sun Earth Weather link below and be sure to take the link to the Sun Earth Connection sub page ... there has been a recent interest in the news about altering hurricanes ... i have offered the simplest, cheapest, least polluting (virtually no pollution) and most effective method of reducing energy and dumping water off shore prior to landfall ... listen to past shows for details and also more information on exactly how this is done is in my books ... jim mccanney  


September 13, 2004 update


Hurricane update and other Atlantic storms 

see the following links indicating that the National Weather Service has been totally wrong about predictions of hurricane Ivan's path ... contrary to their statement that they are very accurate ... Ivan has turned hourly and has even reversed directions (although this data has been quickly removed from the gov web pages) 

hurricane ivan track as of september 13, 2004 (compare with the track of sept 10 ... where is the accurate predicting of the national weather service and National Hurricane Prediction Center ??? ) THEY SHOULD NOT BE PREDICTING PATHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hurricane ivan track 09132004.gif


atlantichires 09132004.gif

September 10, 2004 update

Hurricane Ivan Update 

the sun is doing some very weird things as i write this ... the solar wind is cycling between almost no solar wind readings on the satellites to off scale i have talked about the potential this on numerous shows ... not to mention a MASSIVE sun spot that just rounded the sun ... this will be pointing at us in a few days and has potential to throw our weather systems into chaos 

on hurricane Ivan ... South Florida is now beginning to evacuate HOWEVER since NOAA and the National Hurricane Prediction Center has been placing a predicted path west of florida and over the west side of the florida keys, no one is evacuating the rest of southern florida !!!! ARE WE LOOKING DOWN THE BARREL OF ANOTHER DISASTER AS NOAA CONTINUES TO POST PATHS FOR HURRICANES and contrary to their self promotion ... NO  the  do NOT have a good success rate for path prediction of storms ... the paths have been updated on nearly an hourly basis and the current path is very different from the path the quoted even a day ago ... additionally they are playing a very dangerous game of russian roulette with the population 

the following links show both the sun's recent activity and the "predicted path" and satellite view of hurricane ivan      

current "predicted" path of hurricane ivan (originally it was planned to move west of Puerto Rico and up the channel between cuba and the bahamas) ... ivan has moved to the east and north and changed directions radically as it moved on its path ... note that this data is erased from the noaa pages after the storm changes directions 

hurricane ivan track 09102004.gif

satellite picture of hurricane ivan 

hurricane ivan 09102004 GOES satellite pic .JPG

the sun view from a distance ... not exactly what i would consider a solar minimum ... a huge sun spot is rounding the left side of the sun as i write this 

c3 09102004.mpg

c2 09102004.mpg

September 07, 2004 update 

the local hurricane scene is dwarfed by the world wide severe weather scene ... that is, the total amount of energy involved in the world wide weather scene is enormous ... but this goes unreported in the USA since the news media here only reports what affects the USA ... who cares here that Japan has had 3 major earthquakes in the past few days and is being hit by a major typhoon at the same time ... jim mccanney

look at today's sun ... a little active for solar minimum would you not say???

C3 09072004.gif

September 01, 2004 update 

Hurricane Frances moves into the Bahamas as i write this ... here is the problem ... as usual the NOAA and National Hurricane Center announcements are predicting landfall in florida in a few days BUT as usual they are calling for diminished energy at landfall and there is no statement of the error that occurred with Hurricane Charlie as it changed directions devastating south and  central florida ... here is the problem with this major hurricane (frances)n that is coming from the south east ... 1) central florida is already devastated from the wrath of hurricane charlie and another will leave many with NO shelter to face this huge storm (as Charlie destroyed many of the shelters of central florida and much of the low income housing as well as standard) ... people simply have no place to go ... 2) the path of Frances is going to push it and the flooding up into georgia and literally cut off any escape routes ... people have to start leaving now  3) if the NOAA current predicted 5 day forecast path is correct then all of southern florida should begin evacuation NOW since the rains will begin in less than 2 days .... how are these people going to get out ??? 4) if the NOAA predicted path is wrong and frances turns west and then runs up the center or east coast of florida, then this could kill millions of people with no possible path of escape ... need i say more ??? why is tourism taking precedent over the lives and safety of millions of people ??? we saw this same behavior by NOAA as they risked millions of lives during the passage of hurricane floyd in 1999 ... NOAA is playing a very dangerous game of Russian Roulette with the lives of millions of people and this is STANDARD POLICY !!! ... jim mccanney

HURRICANE FRANCES path -09012004.gif

011503W5 09012004 national hurricane center advisory 31.gif

hurricane frances 09012004 20.jpg

Hurricane FRANCES

hurricane frances sat pic 09012004 HUVS.jpg

after viewing the above links go back and read the above notes ... jim mccanney

August 30, 2004 update ... 

first of all there have been notes around the internet speculating that Hurricane Charlie had been "tampered with" and that the amazing radical turn and increase in energy was influenced by a NASA or other agency experiment gone bad ... i will discuss this on my show this week along with the continuing information that the death toll of hurricane Charlie was totally covered up  ...  also i am watching hurricane Frances as it moves westward and also the solar conditions ... we are about to see sun spot #649 come around the sun again on sept 1 just as Frances nears Florida ... there is enough time for a major flare to reach earth or for the fluky august return current sheet to give a quick pulse of energy to the storm ... click on the following links to view this weeks information 

hurricane frances with FL 08302004.jpg  see hurricane frances as it appoaches florida ... is central florida ready for this if it approaches ??? FEMA has already botched the last hurricane effort ... can florida survive another ??? 

PublicProton3 08302004.gif  rapid changes in proton flux from the sun indicate that rapid and erratic storm conditins could occur with hurricane frances

08312004_0754_c2.gif the sun is going through some major flaring which could affect earth as hurricane frances nears florida ... remember that in the solar conditions that are with us today solar flares need not come directly at us to affect our weather 

listen to my radio show thursday night for a complete review of these topics and more ... jim mccanney

August 17, 2004 report ... in the wake of hurricane Charlie the news just was not adding up ... i know from personal friends that after Andrew in '92 the death toll, especially among low income families living in less than sturdy structures, was very high ... so with Charlie passing over the entire state of Florida in a diagonal path and with the estimated wind speeds at 140 mph and gaining as the hurricane passed over land (something hurricanes are not supposed to do!!) and given the population centers and also given the fact that FEMA had to fly in body bags (you don't fly in 16 body bags!!! ... as they are stating the death toll was only about 16 at latest tally) ... so what is the REAL story ... i did some estimates and came up with an estimate of 50,000 dead ... I may be far from correct but i bet i am closer to reality than the official news report ... but be comforted ... Disney World opened after just one day ... jim mccanney 

August 16, 2004 special hurricane report ...

As you are well aware there is all of a sudden a flurry of hurricane activity ... the real reason is that as the new moon electrical connection is affecting the solar wind between us and the sun, some very strange solar conditions are arising and coming from behind (our tail side) causing the solar wind to essentially stall.  This I have seen before as the return current sheet from the outer solar capacitor returns to the sun in the region where earth passes in this month of august ... so even though the immediate solar wind readings are low there are large solar flares passing around our region of space and we are seeing the response as if caught in an eddy current in a river rushing over a water fall. 

If we had Tesla technology we could harness much of that hurricane electrical energy and distribute it to the houses of this country via the existing grid system ... instead we have a devastated state and once again hundreds of dead because NOAA miscalculated the path and strength of the monster Charlie ... another hurricane called Earl is on the way folks ...

In !997 we approached the National Weather Service and the Air Force and offered for free the method to dampen these powerful storms ... to date they have refused to take this offer and the result is devastation and loss of life  


the world scene ... note the tightly bundled storms skirting the equator ... Earl is the red storm that is passing just north of Venezuela ... its projected path is to turn north and follow into Florida in the same area that Charlie just passed 


Next look closely at the atlantic storms 


Within the past day the sun has released a  dozen flares and looks more like a cosmic popcorn popper than a star that is your friend 


Want to see the sun popping off like a popcorn popper (at solar minimum folks .... click on the following link ... file is not real big) 


Here is the meter reading for Geomagnetic Storms in the near future (normally it rests at zero) ... it is inching up to the red zone as the upcoming hurricanes reach the caribbean ... remember that NASA and NOAA do not recognize this as a factor ... they are still sniffing for warm water in the ocean ... totally ridiculous but that is what you expect these days from a government agency

dst Geomagnetic Index 081520004.gif

Next look at the dead solar wind ... NASA and NOAA scientists would interpret this as a near dead sun ... inreality we are setting in a powerful vortex caused by the solar storms rushing out past us in one direction and the August return current sheet streaming in the other way as if two giant rivers were rushing into each other

sw_dials 08152004.gif

And last but not least the dozen or so x-ray bursts from the sun that tell us our sun is convulsing unlike anything we have ever seen at solar minimum before ... in a few years if there are creatures looking at our star from the nearest star they will be saying ... "boy i sure would not want to be living around that star ... it looks like it is ready to blow !!!!"

GOES xray 08152004.gif


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