below are the january 22, 2005 solar condition postings to relate to the current low of the sun 



MAGNETIC REVERSALS (caused by solar magnetic field reversing Earth's local PLASMA magnetic field) The Magnetic field reversals have gone through serious contortions over the past week as the massive solar flares passed through the solar system ... remember that standard science does not recognize the fact that the ones that missed us are as influential as the ones that did not ... as these build up the solar capacitor and we are continually discharging this capacitor and so are the comets (and all the planets to a lesser degree as they are in circular orbits) ... we have had serious breaches in the protective magnetic field of the planet ... see the x-ray information below

SOLAR WIND SPEED ... !!!!!!!!!!!!! solar wind  speed sets new solar system record !!!!!!!!!!!! this week the solar wind set a new solar system record of 2890 km/ second ... the sun is oscillating and this is not good ... any oscillating system in nature such as the energetic system we call the sun is in real danger if we start to see short term oscillations ... the tie between major flares is getting shorter and shorter while the strength is getting higher and higher ... 2890 km/second is unprecedented !!! normal solar wind speed is about 400 km/second and the past record was just above 1000 km/second ... as this happened there was a clear effort by the soho team to hide much of the data coming from the cameras that may have indicated comets coming from the south that caused this ... 



SOLAR Kp INDEX (these magnetic field readings indicate the fluctuations of the solar wind magnetic field which can cause "holes" in our protective magnetic field allowing the solar wind to pound directly into our atmosphere causing severe x-ray exposure for us ... red bars indicate severe conditions) the kp index has been off the charts so to speak this past week ... we have never seen the sun produce so many large Kp index values back to back and we are supposed to be in a solar minimum ????  currently the Kp index has been producing severe  surges and these continue to have ongoing effects on local (near earth) x-ray production that little by little is having their effects on the general population 

X-RAY INDEX ... RECENT (WITHIN PAST 48 HOURS) ACTIVITY   THE MOST CRITICAL VALUE THAT THE PUBLIC MUST BE AWARE OF IS NOT EVEN MEASURED BY NASA OR NOAA ... OR IF IT IS THEY DO NOT PUBLISH IT ... WITH OVER 50 SOLAR MONITORING STATIONS AROUND THE GLOBE I BET THERE IS A TON OF GOOD DATA ON THIS BUT IT IS SIMPLY NOT PUBLISHED !!!! THIS IS THE ONGOING X-RAY VALUES THAT REACH EARTH'S LOWER ATMOSPHERE ... WE HAVE NO DATA OVER THE PAST CRITICAL WEEKS ... THIS IS NOT JUST IN THE NORTHERN LATITUDES NOW BUT EVERYWHERE !!! ... x-ray activity was variable this past week and we experienced the type of x-rays that occur when the solar wind comes pounding through to our upper atmosphere after breaching our protective magnetic field ... if there are x-rays you will not see or feel them but we may start to see statistically the results in 10 to 20 years OR POSSIBLY SOONER with increased cancers of the skin OR BIOLOGICAL MUTATIONS as the long term effect of the past 10 years of increased solar activity takes its toll on earth populations