July 4, 1998

By The Truth In Science Team

James M. McCanney Alexey N. Dmitriev

Gary D. Goodwin Earl L. Crockett

Raymond Ward

"Contrasting the 'perfect' universe of deduction with the dynamic, filamentary universe that is actually observed, Alfven asserted that only observation linked to laboratory experiments can lead to an understanding of the solar system and its origin. Mathematical theory, he emphasized, must always be the servant of physical understanding, and close observation---never the master."
Hannes Alfven from his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, 1970.
Page 204, "The Big Bang Never Happened", Eric J. Lerner.


Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)

Cosmic Rays

Entire GIF movie is available, showing the process of the CME followed immediately by the Cosmic Rays. NOTE: This file is a 1.8 megabyte download and will take some time!



XRAY Event Associated With CME (click on image)

PROTON Event Associated With CME (click on image)


"Voyager I has shown that Saturn produces more internal heat for its size than does Jupiter (indicating its younger age as is expected from the comet capture theory) and has been shown to be a small star with ongoing fusion in its atmosphere.(1) In Saturn, both fusion (in the atmosphere) and radioactive decay of heavy isotopes (in the core) occur which suggests that this must also be the case for the Sun. A major result of a previous paper(1) and subsequent Voyager data suggest that Saturn's, Jupiter's, and, therefore, the Sun's fusion is ignited and controlled by electrical discharges in their atmospheres. This conjecture must be true since both Jupiter and Saturn exhibit star-like characteristics(46) but have insufficient mass at present to support fusion deep in their cores by the commonly accepted mechanism."
"The Nature And Origin Of Comets And The Evolution Of Celestial Bodies"
1979, James M. McCanney

Date: July 4, 1998
Dear Readers:
As in real life, things seldom present themselves to the Millennium Group in neat tidy little packets. In fact they seem to come in avalanches, or more to the point proton-event coronal mass ejection's. We all work, have families, help out at the church bazaar, cheer on our Grandson's Little League, assist Mom's who've had strokes, etc., etc. And every free second we get goes into this web page committed to truth in science. In getting this story together it occurred to me that the adventure and discovery in our daily communications tells the story as well as anything. So be it.
PS: Stick with us. We'll get the complete picture organized over time. After all, its only the whole universe we're talking about.
Earl L. Crockett
Founder, The Millennium Group
July 4, 1998

Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 16:48:18 -0500
Gary and Earl:
I talked with Earl about this on the phone last night, and he asked me to send an email. The point is that the LASCO C3 gif movie, for the 48 period beginning April 20, 1998 at 06:00 UT, provides clear evidence that cosmic rays are being generated in the sun. Note in the beginning of the movie that the LASCO C3 screen is the usual clear blue then as the flare is seen (e.g. visible light from the flare reaches the cameras) that almost simultaneously the cosmic ray streaks begin. This means that the cosmic rays (protons) have to be: 1) From the sun as the flare erupted, and 2) they must be coming at relativistic velocities as they arrive just after the light from the flare; which means that they are traveling at near the speed of light . Post this on the page.

Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 07:57:49 -0500
By J. M. McCanney
On 04/20/98 the LASCO C3 solar observatory satellite recorded a major, long duration, proton ejection event from the sun. Nearly simultaneously with the arrival of the visible light from this explosive event, there were hundreds of streaks registered on the LASCO C3 CCD that can only be identified as cosmic rays from the Sun; that is, there were far more streaks than the usual occasional background event.) The cosmic rays continued to register for a number of hours after the violent explosion, and then subsided gradually. This can be due to one of two possible causes: 1) The solar generated cosmic ray energy distribution was elongated so that lower energy protons continued to arrive with time, or 2) The cosmic ray generation continued in the sun for an extended period with a narrower energy distribution.
"The gas giants (Jupiter, Saturn and possibly, Uranus and Neptune) maintain fusion in their atmospheres. The fusion is ignited by energetic lightning bolts in their turbulent atmospheres, implying that the Sun does the same. Observations of Jupiter and Saturn by Voyagers I and II show the same electrical phenomena as observed around the Sun. Jupiter and the Sun were the original twin stars of our solar system, other bodies being captured one by one at later dates." "Nature and origin...." 1979 J. M. McCanney

Date: Tue, 02 Jun 1998 01:15:39 -0500
Hi Everyone:
It just occurred to me that the explosion that created the flare and cosmic rays had to have occurred high up in the atmosphere of the sun since if it occurred deep in the solar interior then the cosmic rays would not have escaped the denser interior region. This is real hard core proof that the standard solar model is completely wrong!

A major implication of my Three Part Comet Theory paper, and the Voyager data results that showed low levels of fusion in the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn, implies that fusion on the sun is occurring high in its atmosphere rather than in its interior as proscribed by the standard sun model. This conclusion is supported by Alexey Dmitriev's statement that they measured the x-rays coming from the sun, and found it to have a cool planetary type core. This is all proof of how I envisioned the Sun's function in my 1979 Plasma Discharge Comet Model.

Wed, 3 Jun 1998 00:16:45 -0600
Just to organize my thoughts on the observed cosmic rays: 1) It proves that the standard solar model is wrong. Fusion is not a product of high pressures in the core of the sun. Fusion is produced in the upper atmosphere of the Sun by energetic lightning bolts that pinch. The magnetic pressure in the pinched current causes the ignition of fusion as explained in my 3 part comet paper. This is the true mechanism for fusion in the Sun. The very same process occurs in the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn as proven by the Voyager data. 2) It supports the Russians findings of a cool planetary core for the sun with fusion occurring in the upper atmosphere . 3) It supports my comet paper's contention of the same as mentioned in previous email . 4) Cosmic rays are generated in the upper atmosphere of the Sun and other stars, and what we have observed is a common stellar phenomenon.

Date: Sun, 21 Jun 1998 05:29:16 -0500
Hello everyone:
Previous theory has held that cosmic rays can only be generated in stellar novas, or in galactic nuclei, due to the extreme amount of energy required to accelerate vast numbers of protons to relativistic velocities. No one imagined that it was possible for cosmic rays to come from the sun because: 1) It has been believed that all fusion takes place deep in the solar interior; making it impossible for any high energy protons to escape. And 2) The solar photosphere was simply seen as radiating energy moving outbound from the inner nuclear furnace. It was never thought that this surface region could be the source of fusion in stars. These stunning LASCO C3 photos of, April 20, 1998, along with the theory advanced in my Three Part Comet Paper, have proven that the standard solar model is wrong.

If the standard solar model is wrong it then means that our entire nuclear research program has been badly misdirected, and that all past research, as well as future funding should be scrapped. There are also serious implications for theories regarding the origin of the solar system and the origin of stars themselves. It also poses problems for the calculations for stellar lifetimes, and trashes the evolutionary concept of the main sequence. It also hits directly at the SOHO/LASCO staff who are supposed to present space weather, and its effect on Earth accurately. It is little wonder that they have not been successful using the standard solar model.

Fri, 03 Jul 1998 07:41:28 -0500
Dear Friends:
We can now see why the SOHO/LASCO satellite feeds were taken off line by NASA, and are even being hidden from the Europeans; who funded about 70% of these facilities. The standard solar model is wrong as I predicted 20 years ago. In fact the solar reactor (fusion) is in the upper atmosphere as detailed in my Three Part Comet paper. This fact also explains the "missing neutrino problem". That "problem" actually convinced me that fusion had to be occurring in the upper solar atmosphere rather than deep in the core. That is, the standard solar model could not be coupled with my new "Plasma Electrodynamics Solar Model", as I stated in the comet paper, since the Sun must have a large planetary type core.

Now back to the NASA facade of an injured SOHO Satellite. This latest caper appears to be business as usual at NASA; that is, every time data appears that contradicts their standard Big Bang cosmology they hide the information under various ruses like the "proprietary" sham we ran into with Hale-Bopp Hubble observations. We also know from the Hale-Bopp experience that they will simply lie about the data when all else fails. (Remember Hal Weaver "dropping" the three zeros from the 25,000 mile diameter as well as another three zeros from the scale on his August 1997 Hubble photos.) For NASA to turn off the SOHO/LASCO cameras at this point must mean that critical scientific information is being withheld; from us, and from the Europeans.

We should be thankful, however, that we have two groundbreaking observations in the cosmic ray flux from the April 20, 1998 proton solar flare, and the huge spiral solar flare of June 2, 1998 that resulted from two comets impacting the solar surface. These two observations unequivocally prove the new solar model of atmospheric fusion, and the plasma discharge nature of comets. The two comet impact, and the well documented gigantic explosions on Jupiter caused by Shoemaker-Levy 9, prove that comets could not possibly be dirty snowballs; whose materials "would break apart in your hand."

And, there may be serious implications for all citizens of the world from Nasa's blackout of the SOHO/LASCO feed. This action has come exactly at the time that we, and others, have begun to realized the full connection and impact of solar coronal mass ejection's (CME's)/flares and their direct effects on Earth ground weather systems. We have discovered how CMEs and other solar "weather" is coupled to Earth's weather systems and especially to the monster tornadoes currently raising havoc in the United States. We have also fully modeled the process that has been knocking out satellites, and now understand the methods to protect them from future events. These stunning breakthroughs, that could save thousands of lives and billions of dollars in lost equipment, will have to stay on the shelf until someone in power realizes that NASA has had its scientific head screwed on backwards for the last 55 years.

There is beauty, symmetry, elegance, and observational truth in the new comet/solar/galactic model being formulated from the Plasma Discharge Theory. In the meantime however, NASA wishes us to keep worshipping the Big Bang Model while paying $13.5 billion dollars per year for the privilege. Which do you choose?

Earl L. Crockett
James L. McCanney
July 4, 1998

This discovery was filed as a CBAT as seen in the memo below:

July 3, 1998 10:34 PM PDT
Discovery Report
To:International Astronomical Union
Central Bureau For Astronomical Telegrams

James M. McCanney, Earl L. Crockett, Gary D. Goodwin, Alexey N. Dmitriev, Raymond Ward

The Millennium Group

Contact Address:
Earl L. Crockett

Date and Time of Observations:
April 21, 1998 09:00 PDT

Observations Method:
Visual analysis of publically available SOHO/LASCO C2 and C3 still and movie photographs for duration of event.

Publically available data through SOHO/LASCO.

Observation site:

Representative Photo Attached:
LASCO C3 1998/04/21 08:08 UT
Photon event duration approximately 72 hours.

On April 20, 1998 at about 12:00 UT the Sun emitted a M 1.4 flare as recorded by the Goes 8 and 9 satellite instrumentation. At the same time the SOHO/LASCO cameras saw a coronal mass ejection (cme). The visable light from the flare/cme reaches the C2 and C3 cameras almost simultaneously with high-energy protons which means that the protons must be traveling at near relativistic velocities; that is, near the speed of light. The close association of the registration of the light from the flare/cme and the recordation of proton streaks on the SOHO/LASCO CCD cameras means that the protons must have come from the Sun. Protons traveling relativistic velocities are by definition Cosmic Rays. To the best knowledge of the discovers this is the first ever documented and reported occurrence of Cosmic Rays being generated by the Sun.


There was no response from the IAU, so a phone call was made directly to their office. The following is a report from Earl Crockett concerning that telephone conversation:

Date: Fri, 10 Jul 1998 11:40:38 -0700
From: "Earl L. Crockett" <>
MIME-Version: 1.0
To: Gary Goodwin <>

Subject: IAU Bulletin Phone Response

Brian Marsden has been out this week. Spoke with Gareth Williams, an assistant who is sitting in for him this week. He looked up the submittal and began right off by saying that there was no evidence supplied that proved that cosmic rays came from the sun; ie the "cosmic rays could have come before the cme rather than after" as we claim. "This is not appropriate for and IAUC bulletin" he say and I say, "This is a 'transient astronomical event' which is the definition of what you publish." He says "Who says these are high energy protons?" I say, "the Goes 8 and 9 satellite proton meter". He says, "That doesn't tell you they come form the Sun" Etc. Etc. He says "This appears as a one time event that will never occur again." I say it's happened four times in the past." He says "IAUC bulletins are to put people on notice to make confirming observations" I say, "Exactly my point. There will be more and more as cycle 23 proceeds. Other people should be watching." He says "No this shouldn't be in a bulletin. It's conjecture and should be submitted to a journal." I say, "No, it's a transient astronomical event and others should be put on notice." He says, "It won't be published. It contains no evidence." I say, "Will that be put in writing?" He say "Yes by D. Green." (Remember him?) Looks like the old stone wall has gone up. I told him we would appeal to the IAU headquarters in Paris.


The reader may draw your own conclusions.

POST SCRIPT 2016 ... The story does not end here ... after the above "rejection" from the IAUC bulletin ... i (james mccanney) contacted the NASA SOHO team directly and submitted the advanced claim to them ... a while went by and low and behold and not to my surprise, we saw the NASA team making a public statement of the "discovery" ... they clearly never even saw this ... even though it is their job to look at this data on a daily basis ... when confronted the reply was that "credit for all discoveries is given to the PIs (principle investigators)" and not to "outsiders" ... so the IAUC rejected the idea because the obvious was not obvious to them and NASA stole the idea because they realized it was correct and refused to give credit using a ridiculous made up insider rule that allowed them to do so ... they still have no explanation for why the sun would put out cosmic rays concurrent with explosive activity on the surface of the sun and of course no one in NASA is able to change any of the accepted theories ... so the distortion of reality continues ... a full 19 years later ... jim mccanney