as i have said on my show and other places ... while the men of this country that we used to call America are drinking beer and watching unending sports events on the Sports Channel ... its time for the women of America to get armed to the teeth ... go out and get armed ... that is a gun and a thousand rounds of lead ... because the women will take care of business in protecting the homes and children of this country ... remember that Bush senior, Bill Clinton (illegitimate son of one the secret society members), mini king George W and Kerry are all junior members and public reps of the controllers who you will never hear or see their names ... they are unable to take this country if the women get armed and prepare to take care of business in defending the homes ... remember DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOMES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES and be prepared to stay with food and supplies for at least 12 months ... when people leave their homes because they have nothing to eat ... that will be when they will have you ... don't worry about those who do not prepare as they are the lost who deserve to be stripped of their freedom ... jim mccanney