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January 25, 2007 posting ... EMERGENCY POSTING EARLY MORNING on the 25th the sun exploded with a huge CME blast on the far side of the sun ... as the sun is in a solar minimum this may imply that comet McNaught is the cause which is now also facing this area of the sun ... the solar surface was quite active in one large area as the comet passed closest approach and crossed the ecliptic plane earlier in january and i still think NASA photo-shopped the SOHO data as it pulled down the camera feeds for the critical 8 hours during time of the ecliptic passage (and then magically posted all 8 hours of data at one time early in the morning after ... for details see below) ... without better data available (which NASA certainly has in its locked vaults) it is not possible to say with certainty what occurred here ... here are the pics of the sun and comet mcnaught after the comet passed below the horizon for northern hemisphere viewers (the comet is very visible from the southern hemisphere as seen in the photo of the comet below taken from australia on january 19 by discoverer astronomer McNaught taken with a regular hand held camera from the government funded observatory) ... the solar flare you see in this picture went away from earth (occurring early morning USA eastern time on the 25th) but is contributing to the overall solar capacitor in which we move constantly ... the other question is whether this flaring will continue as the sun turns and this active solar area points in out direction ... keep tuned ... jim mccanney 

 below see comet mcnaught as taken by a tripod held standard camera (30 second exposure with 135 mm lense) by astronomer robert mcnaught in australia ... note how the tail material in the long curving tail is first swept into the comet ... but as the comet passes laterally (sideways) in its orbit and the distant tail material is no longer in the comet's strong electric field ... the tail material in the remote tail area becomes "detached" and blows away in the solar wind ... this causes astronomers to falsely assume that the tail material is coming off the comet nucleus ... surely the NASA x-ray scientists from goddard are intently studying the sunward spike that this comet is generating but of course you will not see that information because it would prove exactly what i have been saying ... that what we call "comets" are in reality the visible artifacts of a much larger electrical discharge of the solar capacitor ... it is that electrical interaction with the sun that causes the solar surface fusion to explode as seen above ... jim mccanney

From SSO on Jan 19


COMET C/2006/p1 McNaught sends out a sunward spike

(the forked spike structure pointing upwards to the right from the comet head)

January 16, 2007 posting ... i am posting from a remote location so sorry for the delay in getting this latest posting up ... above is the last good view of comet mcnaught as it slid out of the SOHO C3 camera view ... look at the sunward spike leaving the comet nuclear area pointing up towards the sun (do not mistake the sunward spike with the horizontal camera artifact) ... the comet repeatedly extended visible sunward spikes as it traversed its path over the past few days ... there were also many anti-sunward electrical extensions passing to the left of the comet's head that were part of the overall solar capacitor discharge of this comet ... note that NASA has for sure many other observations with other equipment of this discharging and i am sure the goddard x-ray guys are busy recording this activity (so why the hush on all the data that most certainly is  being collected by our highly paid NASA boys ???) ... the planet Mercury is the small white dot above the comet and to the left of the sun and is far in the background ... the comet is on our side of the sun and off to the left ... now just a short review of what happened as this comet passed through the ecliptic plain to the left of the sun on the 14th just after midnight  ... about midnight central time NASA chopped the pictures being posted from SOHO and for over 8 hours they held all SOHO pics including the x-ray pics ... i captured and saved the SOHO page showing about 14:00 UT time on the 14th with the last picture posted 8 hours earlier ... either NASA stopped and doctored the pics or they were afraid of a big comet sun interaction that would confirm what i have been saying all along (especially after the comet NEAT V1 fiasco) ... either way they cut the feed and we cannot trust the pics for that crucial 8 hour period ... many people commented after the NEAT V1 egg all over NASA's face deal that they probably spent some of their $17 billion a year budget on a better photo shop program to doctor the pics if such an event ever happened again ... the other indicator that in fact this comet did interact with the sun is in fact hitting us this evening in the form of a wildly altering magnetic field on the solar wind monitoring satellites near earth as well as other effects including a sharp x-ray burst just a while ago (this x-ray burst was characteristic of the solar wind particles charging the SOHO space craft that causes localized x-rays ... this is different than x-rays created at the sun itself) ... my verdict is that NASA did doctor the delayed 8 hours worth of SOHO pics ... after the 8 hour delay ... magically all of the SOHO pics appeared on the SOHO page all at one time ... must have been that crazy grad student again that they blamed the NEAT V1 fiasco on ... also just a quick note on my upcoming book release ... i will be releasing a lecture DVD with the new book to aid in the understanding of this relatively complex topic ... the people who ordered the 2 book special pre-release offer will get this DVD included in their mailing at no additional cost ... the DVD will be included with all books that go out (and will increase the price an estimate $10) but i found it necessary to provide this as the topic needs full clarification ... well ... you will see ... more later ... jim mccanney

January 14, 2007 posting ... !!!!!! it is now almost 8 hours after the below posting and the SOHO images have stopped updating on the official NASA SOHO web page as of the pic i posted below ... HMMMMM  ... and just as the comet was passing through the ecliptic and connecting visually with the sun as i predicted ... last night i was on local WCCO radio as this ecliptic crossing was occurring and someone was interfering with my connection to the station as we were getting uncontrollable ringing and feedback as i tried to do that interview with host brad walton although i was able to adjust on my end and get through ... WCCO radio is a 50,000 watt AM station heard after hours in 38 states ... NASA is withholding critical data as they did in the NEAT V1 comet a few years ago ... remember ... once again NASA at a critical time has pulled the plug on real data that the public needs for safety .... so here again is real proof that when the chips are down ... NASA has orders to duck and run at the expense of public safety ... remember when they came back with the  comet NEAT V1 photo shopped photos and all the BS that followed and it was so bad that they finally had to admit the after comet sun interaction pics were doctored and then they blamed it on some grad student "playing a joke after hours" ... remember all that ... well here we go again folks ... more later (and no this comet is NOT related to the japanese earth quakes) ... there were emails passing around with this that included my name but that was not me talking (if you saw those refer people to this page for details for my thoughts on that and the latest updates on this comet) ... just to clarify that issue also ... more soon ... jim mccanney

January 14, 2007 posting ... just past midnight after january 13 ... central standard time ... so far the comet has developed a few fleeting spike like extensions towards the sun and in this pic you can see the following ... note that the horizontal line(s) extending out of the comet are artifacts of the SOHO camera called "wash-out" due to the severe brightness of this huge comet ... but just below the horizontal line you can see the comet extending out towards the sun and the sun is in turn extending a flare out towards the comet ... the little planet mercury is to the lower left of the sun (also has a small horizontal line through it as do all the planets when they appear in the SOHO camera images) ... the small white circle in the center of the blue patch in the center of this image represents the true size of the sun ... this comet is HUGE even compared to the sun ... i have also been asked to comment on last night's huge earth quake in japan and whether that could possibly be related to this comet and the answer is NO ... this comet is near the sun and is neither causing direct influence gravitationally or electrically on earth at this time ... the solar monitoring satellites show no significant influences on earth's environment due to this comet at this time ... but i am waiting with baited breath to see if this comet will electrically unload on the sun as we have seen many times with other comets ... they appear to be connecting in the pic below but no BOOOOMMM yet ... this comet is crossing the ecliptic right now which is the optimal time to unload the solar capacitor ... i will be watching closely as the night progresses ... more to come soon ... jim mccanney

January 13, 2007 posting ... there is one major question ... HOW COULD THIS COMET ... THE BRIGHTEST AND NOW SEEMINGLY THE LARGEST COMET IN OVER 30 YEARS ... SNEAK UP ON US WITH NO ONE NOTICING ????? not NASA ... not the mil defense boys with 24 x 7 optical search equipment ... not the many separate automated asteroid search programs funded and operated both in the USA and other countries ... and what of the amateurs ??? this comet sat in or near the ecliptic plain since last march just to the right (!!!! correction ... to the LEFT) of Jupiter ALL SUMMER LONG in the night sky ... it was finally discovered by a professional astronomer on august 7, 2006 ... so much for the myth the a planet X type object could not sneak up on us ... by the way ... guess where this comet came from ... THE SOUTH !!! and from an area down under very near where Herrington was looking for Planet X in the NASA funded search project in the early 1990's ... i do not think that this is planet x ... but it sure could be one of the precursor comets in the entourage ... but wait a minute ... what if NASA and all the other agencies entrusted with the most expensive and precise computer operated mega optics collection with ultra-sensitive electronic cameras the world has ever known ... what if they actually did see this coming and just ... forgot to mention it ???? either way the point is made ... big objects like this will give you little warning ... remember that an inbound planet X type object will appear as a huge comet (this is probably the one message that NASA and its paid group of disinformation "experts" want you to miss) ... additionally, if the planet Jupiter were just a slight bit earlier in its orbit ... this comet may easily have been captured and now be wielding its way into the inner solar system on a deadly game of celestial billiards ... just like the ancients noted as the destroyer of earth and just as happened with the comet Venus that eventually became the planet Venus just a few thousand years ago ... my theoretical work explains how this process works ... below is the latest image of comet mcnaught ... be sure to tune into my show next week for more details ... it is late and i have to get some sleep as i have been up late the last 2 nights researching this amazing comet ... watch especially on saturday to see if this comet interacts with the sun as the comet crosses the ecliptic just to the left of the sun on the SOHO C3 camera ... do you really think this is a little snow ball just a few miles across as claimed by NASA ??? ... i really can't imagine anyone thinking that any more (except the NASA scientsts who live in LALA land) ... jim mccanney

January 12, 2007 posting ... my weekly show archive should be up by about 2 AM CST this morning (the 12th) ... i was guest 1st hour on Coast to Coast with host George Noory discussing comet McNaught ... jim mccanney


comet C/2006/P1 McNaught enters the NASA C3 SOHO camera view (upper left corner of this picture) ... the planet Mercury is left of the sun and actually on the far side of the sun and not in the path of this comet ... they will appear to be on a collision course but Mercury is far in the background and behind the sun ... i suspect when this comet gets near the sun there very well could be some major fireworks (as the comet and sun interact electrically) as the sun already has an active spot on its western limb near where the comet will pass only about 16 million miles from the sun ... note that this comet's orbit will not bring it near earth or any of the other planets for that matter ... jim mccanney

January 12, 2007 posting ... i will be first hour guest on coast to coast with host George Noory in a few minutes to discuss comet McNaught and will be posting more info here after that interview ... watch SOHO as this comet may really interact with the sun (something not expected by the dirty snow ball comet model of course) ... this is the brightest comet in 30 years and we have had some good comets including hale bopp etc ... more postings after the show ... make sure you read the book Planet X Comets and Earth Changes for details on the true nature of comets and my Plasma Discharge Comet Model ... off to the interview ... more after ... jim mccanney

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