Is the next solar cycle really predicted to be the biggest one yet as NASA scientists are predicting ???

lets look at the data they are presenting to make this claim 

(the following table is taken from a NASA article on the web)

Peaks in geomagnetic activity (red) foretell solar maxima (black) more than six years in advance.

according to NASA's own data ... they are showing in this graph that past geomagnetic activity on the sun (red line) precedes and predicts the upcoming solar maximum and indeed it does this quite will (note however they do not plot the stunning double peak of the 2000 solar peak that they cannot explain but was caused as the huge comet Hale Bopp which exited the sun for over 6 years as it passed through the solar system) ... but be that as it may ... they are claiming that this data predicts that the next solar cycle (#24) will be huge ... 

BUT ... look at the geo magnetic peak (last red peak on the right) ... this is the one preceding the upcoming solar maximum of 2011 or 2012 ... of the prior 6 data points ... the red peak for the 2006 geomagnetic activity IS LESS THAN 4 OF THE PRIOR 6 PEAKS ... therefore taken literally ... this would state (according to the strict interpolation of this data into the future) that the 2011-2012 solar maximum should be lower than 4 of the past 6 cycles ... so here we have false claims based on their very own data ... gee guys at NASA ... stop blowing your horn unless you have something real (and original) to say ... i can see why those guys don't like me ... i point out these things to you the public ... and you can see why i do not like those guys ... they are getting paid fat salaries and flying around the world on scientific vacations on your nickel to do this ... jim mccanney

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